• FinPari

  • Regulated:  No
Broker Name: FinPari
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2015
Bonus: 100%
Return/Refund: 70-85% / 0-15%
No. Of Assets: 100
Regulated: No
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: 250
US Traders: Not Accepted
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FinPari Review

by Martin Kay

Finpari is operated by Lerona Impex S.A., registration number 114612, with a registered office at 306 Premier Building, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. The company operates on behalf of FGC but no other information is given regarding this entity. Finpari is not regulated.


Is Finpari A Scam?

There is no damming evidence that FinPari is a scam but there is evidence you can find a more reliable broker with the same features. There is at least one bad complaint in the forum, claiming their deposit and profits were stolen. This is unfortunate but I must point out, the complaint doesn’t have any evidence to back it up, not saying it didn’t happen just that it’s hard to take at face value with no evidence. Something I find mildly troubling is the claims of regulation. Yes, the company is registered in the Seychelles where they have minimal, and I do mean minimal, oversight of businesses but it is not a regulated binary options broker.

We have reason to believe that Finpari is somehow related to BinaryMate, which is a brokerage with “Warning!” written all over it. Both of them are part of the group FGC and the addresses are suspiciously similar: Finpari is located at 306, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles while BinaryMate is located at 309&310, Albert Street Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles (wow, what a coincidence…). Also, according to some online sources, BinaryMate is or was at some point owned by Lerona Impex (same company that owns Finpari) but we couldn’t confirm that.

Finpari’s website had a total of 189K visits during March 2017 and a huge spike of 1.65 Million in December 2016. Spikes like that one are not really a good sign and one more thing should be noted: in March 11.43% of visitors came from the United States but that is a drop from 47.51%. Overall this doesn’t really look like healthy traffic and I believe that caution should be used around this brokerage.


Notice!: Trading Binary Options with a non-regulated broker carries risk. It is highly recommended to Start trading a regulated broker.


Editors Note – Why FinPari Does Suck In 50 Words

Finpari might suck because they are just another SpotOption label and not even a good one. They go so far as to imply CySEC regulation but can not even take the trouble to re-skin the platform. All you get is the basic ho-hum plain theme, and a broker regulated in the Seychelles. The theme I can get over, claims of regulation – I can NOT.


Why FinPari Does Not Suck

Ugh, tough question! I really don’t know. SpotOption platform, same as about 70% of other brokers, no regulation, nothing innovative or helpful to the trader… I got it: Orange is the new Black and their logo is predominantly orange. Pfff, if that’s the best thing I can find about them, you can imagine how good they are…


Should I Open an Account with Finpari?

This is not an unusual set up as many brokers chose to register in a banking friendly country such as the Seychelles in order to avoid stricter regulation. It can be a sign of fraud but there is no evidence of that here, just another broker looking to attract some traders. As mentioned, this a SpotOption based broker and comes with the full line up of available features.

Basic high/low trading is complimented by Pairs, One Touch, Ladder and Spot Follow. There is no Forex or CFD trading, a feature common on other SpotOption based brokers. Expiry is good. Short term speed trading includes 30, 60 and 120 second options, Long Term trading has expiry on an intraday basis, end of day, tomorrow, end of the week, next week, end of the month and on out to 6 months on commonly traded assets. Ladder options have strikes, trade like over/under options and have increased payouts. One touch are available on the weekends and also have increased payouts, up to 600%. Standard payout on call/put trading is in the range of 80%.

Apart from the normal Trading Accounts, Finpari offers a Fixed Income Account (FIA), which according to them, will bring you a 10% monthly income and withdrawals within one hour. They also claim that “invested capital safety is guaranteed by Finpari, with a refund of invested amount, regardless the market behaviour!”. You know that saying about stuff that sounds too good to be true? Yea? Well, this is that stuff.


Finpari Regulatory Warnings And Announcements

06.17.2016: The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) issued a warning against the activities of certain binary options websites, for which no authorised investment services provider could be clearly identified. Finpari was among the brokerages mentioned by the AMF. Source and full list: AMF Public Warning June 17, 2016.

13.12.2016: The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) issued a warning against more than 100 binary options websites that operate without proper regulation and that target Cypriot citizens. Finpari was part of that list. Source: CySEC Announcement.


Warning! Too many doubts concerning this broker. Please avoid. Check out our list of Regulated Binary Options Brokers to start safe!


Finpari Ratings

User Friendly 16/20

The platform is user friendly, don’t get me wrong. SpotOption is my personal favorite platform; it is easy to use and has the most features. However, I must take a point or two off due to misleading regulatory information and heavy handed marketing on the home page.The website is available in 7 languages.


Number Of Assets And Expiry 19/20

FinPari has a full asset list composed of 84 stocks, 29 currency pairs, 7 commodities and 37 indices (however, not all of these can be found on the trading platform), extremely full list of available expiry and a large number of exotic trading options. They don’t have range but you don’t need it with the Ladders. The caveat is that this is not a reason to choose FinPari, you can get the same elsewhere.


Commissions, Support and Effective Returns 15/20

There are no commissions using this broker but there is a fee to withdraw by wire. Support OK but heavy handed on the sales so be aware. The education center is also OK, not much there really but the videos are good. Effective return is standard across the SpotOption universe; about 85% on call/put trading, a little lower for 60 seconds/short term and up to 600% or more on Ladder and One Touch.


Deposit, Payment And Bonus 14/20

Minimum deposit is $250 and can be done by credit card, wire transfer or eWallet. I recommend eWallet whenever possible, this broker takes Unionpay ,Alipay, Amex, Jcb, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Qiwi Wallet, Okpay, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Neteller and Paypal. Payments can be made back to the same account but there are limits on credit cards. Bonuses can be had in the form of risk free trading, or one time deposit bonuses up to 100%. Terms a little misleading, in one place I it says only 300% turnover of deposit, 3X, and in another it says 20X. Any deposit, regardless of bonus, has to be turned over at least once to get any withdrawal.


Broker Extra’s 12/20

SpotOption offers a lot of extra’s that go above and beyond plain Jane digital trading. For one, they have the Ladder options which give increase payout and flexibility, for another they have Spot Follow. This is the same as iFollow and is the copy trading platform available from SpotOption built on ZuluTrade’s technology.


FinPari Overall Ratings: 73/100

Notice: This broker is rated below average among our members and staff. Start your trading career with a Top Rated Broker Now!.