This is Martin Kay, Chief

Martin here, from Cape Town, South Africa. When I first launched, I was working for my family business here in Cape Town, a small but very warm local investing company. Almost 10 years ago I was exposed to Forex Trading since then I spent many nights staring at the PC screen looking for opportunities. Before Forex, I was an online poker addict. When I discovered the opportunities of FX, CFDs, Options and mixed it up with my knowledge of financial markets, I realized online trading could generate me some out-of-work paychecks. I was captivated. Almost a decade ago, back on 2007-8, was the first time The US regulators approved the listing of Options. A few months later I began trading. Trading Online became my main addiction. It’s been almost 7 years since I launched That Sucks, which as now grown to a leading anti-scam website for the Options, FX/CFD, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies communities.



Bogdan is 38 years old, trading Forex for almost 10 years, Cryptos for 2 and writing for about 6. He is a true trading freak, usually online and trading more than 10-12 hours daily and trying to learn new things or improve the ones he already knows.

Since he started trading he has been somewhat addicted to it and has had his share of losses in the early days but those turned him into a successful trader and made him realize the importance of a proper mindset. His latest addiction is Blockchain in general and Crypto trading in special. Besides this, Bogdan posts trading reviews and daily Crypto Currency market analysis on European financial blogs.



Michael is an investor and trader with over ten years experience in the equities and options markets. He first began trading stocks in 2000 and quickly fell in love with finance, the stock market, and options. Michael is an experienced options speculator and investor, utilizing technical analysis and other signals to judge market direction. For more than 10 years now, Michael is a freelance financial, Forex and options writer, specializing mostly in US markets. He became interested in cryptocurrency late 2016 and has been an avid watcher and trader of those markets ever since.


Kolyo Dankov

Kolyo is a passionate trader with more than 10 years of practical experience in Forex, Equities, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Options trading. He has PhD in natural sciences and wide knowledge in many areas of the capital markets and macro-economy. He likes both short-term and long-term trading, based mostly on data-driven strategies. His solid understanding of economic news and market sentiment allows him to take selectively only superior reward to risk trades. Kolyo loves teaching and helps newbie traders to get their feet on a solid ground and avoid scams and obvious mistakes in their career beginning.


About Okane

Okane is from Sweden and has been an author and trader at from 2013 and helps with exposing scams and providing educational articles. He also works mostly in the Members War Room, guiding traders to get their own trading diary. Moreover, Okane likes to trade, Binary Options, Forex, CFD’s and even holds investments in various Cryptocurrencies. He trades his own style of price action which is taught in his Skype Group and on the CommuniTraders-Live YouTube channel where you can also tune in for his live webinars.


Richard Cox
Richard Cox Writer

Richard is a university teacher in International Trade and Finance, based on New Haven, U.S. Out of the classroom, Richard writes financial analysis and trading tips as a freelancer, mostly for Forex websites such as FXStreet, FXpros, MarketBulls and many more. He is specialized in technical/fundamental analysis of commodities and currencies markets. are glad to be the first to bring this respected individual and his wide knowledge of trading markets to the binary options world.



Thomas White

Mr. White is neither a broker nor an expert analyst; he’s not even such a good writer! Being a top salesman for leading platforms for the last few years, Mr. White is here to share with you some inside info on the industry. He can’t teach you how to cook, but he can easily show you the best place to fetch the freshest ingredients for your meal… Helping you recognize scams and choosing the best platform for you. His long experience in the industry can save you a buck or two and some precious time. Tune in for more of his articles



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