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  • Ayrex

  • Bonus: Up to 30%
  • Options Payout: 75-90%
  • Rating: 9.31 / 10
Broker Name: Ayrex
Platform: Ayrex
Founded: 2014
Bonus: Up to 30%
Return/Refund: 75-90%/0%
No. Of Assests: 70
Regulated:   PRS
Demo Account: Yes
Minimum Deposit: 5
US Traders:   Not Accepted

Ayrex Review

Ayrex was founded in 2014 and is located at Office 590, Suites 5 Horsfords Business Centre, Long Point Road, Charlestown, Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis. The company name is ‘Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd’ with the Registration. no: C44622. Support can be reached either via live chat 24/5 on the site itself or via email here: [email protected] Regulation by CySEC is on its way according to the representatives of the firm.


Is Ayrex a Scam?

Ayrex is not a scam. Yes, Ayrex is still unregulated, transparency, however, is already in their business model. They are very upfront about who they are and what they are doing; it’s all on the website. There are no strings attached, all the details are well-explained and you can even cancel the bonus at any time! As an example, they are very clear and open about their bonuses and the conditions that come with it. Withdrawals are now instantly processed – even during weekends! We’ve also witnessed a representative from Ayrex providing support and interacting with our forum members of CommuniTraders which has added to their credibility.


Recommended! This Broker is Strongly Recommended by Our Members. Open Account at Ayrex and Trade Binary Options with a Trusted Broker!


Editor’s Note – Why Ayrex DOESN’T Suck in 50 Words

Unique and amazing platform with instant withdrawals! Never have I witnessed a platform that executes and pays this fast! First time I tried it out on their free no-deposit and no-registration demo account I wasn’t sure if my trade was even executed because of how fast the platform was! You’re in the trade before you could blink, and if you win – you’ll be paid before you can say Jack Robinson!


Editor’s Note – Why Does Ayrex Suck in 50 Words

Despite the easily accessible demo account, there is a clear lack of a deep and comprehensive education center. There is only some info about how to deposit and use the platform. It’s not enough, so make sure you go through our trading school!


Should I Open an Account with Ayrex?

The company behind Ayrex has created their own unique platform that eliminates all delays and truly enables a fast-paced trading style never seen before. The platform’s interface looks slick and you can jump into any trade with just one click! Each trade is executed without any delays whatsoever. In fact, you barely get to remove your finger from the mouse button before your action is performed. This is excellent for any type of trader but especially the short time frame traders. Ayrex allows short-term trading like 30 seconds, 60s, 120s, 180s and up to 5 minutes. In addition, there is the regular High and Low options which can be traded for 15 minutes up to an hour. Finally, the One Touch options offer “Touch” and “Not touch” with the desired direction for the same expiries as for the High and Low options. I would love to see Ayrex adding more expiry choices as well as option types in the future so long term traders can also enjoy this platform. On the plus side, additional 35 assets have been lately added to the platform including many major stock quotes.

The website was improved in mid-2016 thanks to a new slick design and is now available in 5 languages and navigation is made simpler. The platform is easy to understand and use but Ayrex takes it a step further. To help traders get started, they have created a demo platform that can be accessed immediately on the site without a need for deposit or registration. You will start with 1000$ and can add an additional 1000$ by clicking the “Add $1000” anytime you need. On the downside, the education center needs a whole lot of work. I don’t see any videos or even the e-book that brokers usually offer. At least they offer an up to date markets news and an economic calendar that works just fine.

The next favorable deal is the low minimum deposit. $5 is all it takes and only 5$ is the minimum investment amount! Furthermore, an Ayrex representative is involved in discussions regarding the brokerage in CommuniTraders, our forum. This is greatly appreciated and a sign of good intent.

I saved the best for last. Instant and Automatic withdrawals! It’s easy, you make a withdrawal request directly on the platform which will be instantly processed. That’s right, no annoying and pushy account managers here! Withdrawals are free too and available 24/7. Thanks to their 2-step authorization procedure, your funds are kept safe. Several forum members have reported their withdrawals were approved within a couple hours, a record when compared to the normal 5 to 10 business days we are all familiar with. Quick executions and quick withdrawals, what more do you need?


Recommended! This Broker is Strongly Recommended by Our Members. Open Account at Ayrex and Get Automatic Withdrawals within Seconds!


Ayrex Complaints

I could only find one serious complaint which turned out to be the client taking advantage of a (then) existing glitch. This technical issue has been fixed and the client was paid more than five times his deposit even though it was considered taking advantage of the glitch. So far, all complaints issued on our forum have been dealt with by the company in a satisfactory manner.

Update 2017: Ayrex continues to be a respected and trustworthy brokerage, without major issues and complaints. Even more, at the time of writing, they hold 90/100 user ratings on (former and 4.71-star rating out of 5 on, which is the most I’ve seen for a binary options brokerage! This just goes to show they are here to do business in a legit and fair manner.


Ayrex Regulatory Warnings And Announcements

06.07.2016: The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) has warned of an increase in unlicensed broker activity, targeting over 40 companies. Ayrex is one of the brokerages that acknowledged the warning and has taken steps to properly address the situation. According to ASIC, they have made rectification actions. Source: ASIC 16-218MR.


Ayrex Bonuses

Bonuses are currently offered at rates of 10%, 20% and 30% for any deposit above 100$, 500$ or 1000$ respectively. The bonuses cannot exceed 10,000 USD/EUR and are limited by time, 90 days. After bonus funds are credited a client’s account funds will be divided into two parts: Client’s funds that had been deposited before the bonus was credited and profit that was made with it; and bonus amount associated with deposit and profit made with bonus funds (those will be blocked from withdrawal till the bonus requirements are met or bonus is cancelled). The wager is up to 40*bonus, which is OK. Update September 2016: The bonus can be requested or canceled instantly and you can get your original deposit back at any time.

Update 2017: Ayrex now offers a No Deposit Bonus, meaning you can receive $30 if you open a new account or even if you already have an account but it was never funded. To get the No Deposit Bonus, you have to apply on their dedicated offer page. The maximum amount you can withdraw is $200, meaning that if you turn the $30 into $500, you won’t be able to withdraw the entire sum, just 200 and 300 will expire. Terms and Conditions apply so make sure you read them on Ayrex’s website.


Ayrex Withdrawals

Withdrawals are instantly processed and commission free. There is no waiting because you can use this instant withdrawal feature even on the weekends. It’s only your own bank you need to wait for – unless you are using Skrill or Neteller for example. According to our own forum members, it took only one hour to withdraw funds via NETELLER. I simply quote what I found in their terms and conditions regarding withdrawals: “The Client has a right to withdraw funds from his/her account at any time subject to his/her own decision.” – Point 10.1 in the terms and conditions.


Ayrex Extras

There are no extras such as VIP accounts but the platform offers candlestick charts and you can close your One Touch positions before they expire. One click trading is also available. As of September 2016 – the latest extra feature is trading signals that provide relevant predictions of the asset movements.

Update January 2017: Adding to their list of extras, Ayrex now offers a Demo contest where you can win real money by placing high on rankings and a No Deposit Bonus (details above).


Trading Bitcoin With Ayrex

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency in special and blockchain technology, in general, are taking the trading world by storm and almost all major brokers are starting to implement them for trading, whether it’s Binary Options or CFD. Ayrex has been always a leader of the pack rather than a follower, so it’s only normal for them to provide the latest trading opportunities and assets. In other words: Now you can trade Bitcoin at Ayrex.

Currently, only Bitcoin is available but according to their representatives, more cryptocurrencies (altcoins) will soon follow. The available options are High/Low and the returns go up to 21%. Although that may seem a low payout, keep in mind that Bitcoin is highly volatile and it can move huge distances in minutes or even seconds.


Ayrex Ratings

User Friendliness 19/20

The platform is user-friendly and there is a manual to download on the website that explains in full detail exactly how to register, deposit, use the platform and withdraw. The platform is available in English, German, Italian, Chinese and Indonesian. Ayrex needs to work on making a fully equipped education center. Overall, it’s easy to navigate and find what you need and the demo is there in case you need to practice first.


No. of Assets and Expiry time 16/20

The number of assets has lately been improved. There are an additional 35 new assets added to the list, including major company stocks but on not all of them are available in the demo. The platform is oriented towards the short time frame traders; Expiry times for the short term trades are the 30s, 60s, 120s, 180s and up to 5 minutes. High and Low options, as well as Touch options, expire every 15 minutes up to an hour.


Commissions, Support and Effective Return 19/20

There are no fees for deposits and the support is available via live chat 24/5. The returns are fairly high, 85% for EUR/USD and around 80-83% for major currency pairs. There are no refunds but you can use the early closure feature that allows you to secure your profits or cut your losses. As an added bonus, an Ayrex representative is often available through the forums on CommuniTraders. No commissions are charged but there is a fee for withdrawing by wire.


Deposit, Payment and Bonus: 20/20

The minimum deposit and investment amount are very low and competitive, 5$ for deposits and only 5$ per trade. Withdrawals are now free of charge and processed instantly – even during the holidays. You can use Skrill or Neteller for the quickest possible withdrawals. Bonuses can be as high as 30% and require 40 times the bonus amount to be available for withdrawal. They are only valid for 90 days and they can be canceled at any time by the client.

Update January 2017: They offer a No Deposit Bonus of $30. The maximum amount you can withdraw is $200, Terms and Conditions apply.


Website Extra’s 18/20

There a few interesting extra’s available on this broker. Early closure is one handy tool. The demo account is another, it never expires and there are no strings attached here. Besides the regular account, they offer Islamic accounts too. Charts are better than what we usually see and can be displayed with candlesticks so you can pick the best entries. Latest feature as of Q3 2016: trading signals to help predict the asset movements – only available for the real account holders. To all of that, they’ve recently added No Deposit Bonus and a Demo Contest where you can win real money by trading on a Demo account. Terms and Conditions apply so make sure you read them.


Ayrex Overall Ratings (92) + Regulation Process (+1) = 93/100


Open your Ayrex Account and Receive 30% Bonus!
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