Trading Robots

Robots, autotraders and Bitcoin bots have been a part of the world of online trading for a long time now. Many of them Suck and should be avoided, however, there are some that are worth a try or at least a closer look. Below you will find honest and unbiased reviews of all the autotraders, crypto robots and CFD bots available out there, or at least the more relevant ones.

We will show you the robots That Suck but we will also let you know which ones Don’t Suck after careful research and a fair assessment. Just how it’s important to have a trustworthy broker, it’s important to know what these robots are all about. If you’re on the fence about using them, read our reviews, get all the details and decide for yourself.

Broker name Price Trading Score
Bitcoin Trader Free Bitcoin 1 / 10
The Crypto Genius Free N/A N/A
The Bitcoin Method Free N/A N/A
Bitcoin Loophole n/a Bitcoin, BO 1 / 10
Gunbot Free* Cryptos 6 / 10
Crypto App Free* Bitcoin, Cryptos 2 / 10
Tesler App Free* BO 1 / 10
TAI Robotic Free* N/A N/A
Bitcoin Compass Free* Bitcoin 2 / 10

Trading Robots and Autotraders List 2019

Search for Trading Robots

It’s highly likely you’ve already heard about a new software that will allegedly end all your financial troubles with the click of one button. And if you haven’t heard yet, believe me you will because these robots are all over the web. When that happens, don’t give into the hype! Instead, come here and search for that robot in our list of reviews. Read our take on it and maybe it will save you a couple of bucks.


Learn About Trading Robots

Do you know how trading robots actually work? Most of them are just a ruse to make you deposit with a specific brokerage, which usually results in you losing all the money you’ve deposited. You’ll be treated (read “brainwashed”) with a story narrated by some self-proclaimed millionaire who is now willing to share his money-making secret with the entire internet. The broker will get your money and the robot creators will get their cut. You will get scammed. Avoid that by reading our reviews before reaching for the pocket!


Choose A Trading Robot

If your mind is set on using a trading robot, we can’t change it. After all, it’s your money and you are a grown man or woman, so go ahead and do what you have to do. But at least postpone your decision until you read a review from the list above. Who knows, maybe you will see things differently afterwards.

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