Maximus CryptoBot
Bad! Don't use 1/10
  • Maximus CryptoBot

  • Return: $3000/ day
    Price: Free*
Robot Name: Maximus CryptoBot
Founded: 2017
Type: Robot
Price: Free*
Return: $3000/ day
Trading: Crypto
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: up to broker
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Maximus CryptoBot Review

by Martin Kay

How does $3000 per day sound? No prior knowledge needed and it’s all automatic too! Yes, it does sound tempting indeed. This service is according to the guy in the video on the Maximus CryptoBot’s page, linked to Maximus Edge Autobot. The latter has already been exposed as a scam. So, is Maximus CryptoBot any different or just a re-branded scam too? Lately, cryptocurrency scams such as the Bitcoin Code and Crypto Genius have flooded the industry so we should always be cautious.

If you don't make money, we don't make money either!


Maximus CryptoBot – The FAKE Actors

First of all, the guy in the video is just an actor, as they always are on such “make easy money” websites. This can be found under the website agreement along with a warning about loss of funds since there is no actual guarantee you will make any money with this service. On the contrary, they pretty much guarantee that you will lose money!

This does not come as a surprise because the previous scam these guys ran (or, one of them) was called Maximus Edge Autobot where the actor called himself Max and promised wealth. They used a similar website and pitch video but this time with a different actor who pretends to be Max’s business partner.

Maximus Edge Autobot uses same actors and story lines
Previous Maximus scam!


Bucket Shop Brokers!

Of course, the only reason for both scam sites is to get your money into a bucket shop broker. Here is a list of brokers they work with:

Maximus CryptoBot workd with unregulated brokers


None of these brokers are regulated and some of them have appeared many times as a broker choice during our robot scam reviews. GreenFields Capital and Prestige Financial Markets for example are two brokers who continue to work with quick cash schemes and have hundreds of complaints against them because of this.

Your money is safe
“Your money is safe” – claims Maximus CryptoBot but the brokers are not licensed!


Thanks to being unregulated, these brokers can avoid paying out, stall withdrawals, use scam bonus schemes and pushy account managers to get more money out of you and then run away with it.


Maximus Robot – Just a Whitelabel

They claim to make 93% accuracy


Is the Maximus CryptoBot really a 93% accurate software as the people behind it claim? Is it possible to group a bunch of indicators together in a way that it can read the markets that accurately? Or is this yet another trick to make you think there is easy money to be made?

Fibonacci, MACD, EMA, Stoch, and Bollinger are the indicators that are being hyped up, they are said to generate risk-free wealth. These are indeed pretty popular indicators but to get a 93% win rate is nonsense. In fact, we have seen this being marketed many times before. This is just a white-label robot rebranded as “Maximus CryptoBot”. In fact, it is most likely the same white label robot as Maximus Edge Autobot.

This is just a whitelabel robot rebranded as “Maximus CryptoBot


Who are they? Who knows…

Let’s think about what we have got so far and asked this: who are the people behind the Maximus Edge and Maximus CryptoBot? Well, the answer is that we have no idea and that is something to worry about. The only way we can contact them is an email. There is no information, no address and no real names. Even the unregulated brokers that they work with hiding behind virtual offices.


Why the New Name?

So if they already have the Maximus Edge software, and yes that website is still online and keeps scamming, then why a new one with the new name? Well, there is a good reason for this. Cryptocurrencies have been very popular recently. Even despite the recent price decline in Bitcoin and most other altcoins. Scammers want to take advantage of the huge stream of newbie investors who are interested in trading cryptocurrencies. Therefore, even though most of these robot scams have not much to do with crypto investments, they present themselves as proper investments in cryptocurrencies. They often use names like Bitcoin, Ethereum or crypto robot 365 like in this case. In conclusion, the whole reason for the new service Maximus Cryptobot is to use “crypto” as bait.


Connect the Dots

This investment scam becomes pretty obvious when you start to connect the dots… they use a whitelabel robot under new names to get your attention, they use actors and made up stories and their goal is to get your 250$ deposit with a crooked broker. This is not a secret, they admit to getting a commission from the unlicensed brokers they refer you too – it’s right under their website agreement. Getting money out of those brokers is like getting blood from stone. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this scam and similar easy money schemes!