Got a Minute? Choose the Best Strategy by Expiry Time!

Choose Your Binary Options Strategy According to Specific Time Frames

It wasn’t enough for us to build the most complete source of binary options strategies, we had to go the extra mile and rank them all by expiry. We have gone through our lists of top recommended strategies and organized them based on the best expiry for each. Now, instead of having to sort through them one at a time, searching for one that fits your style, you can go right to the section with expiry to suit your time frame. We have listed ours by extra-short 60 seconds all the way through the Geeks favorite, long term one week expiry.


Index: (N) Newbie Friendly (A) Advanced Level (E) Experts Only



Get Crazy With Ultra-short: 60 Seconds to 5 Minutes

Ultra-short time frame is for the thrill seekers. The market moves fast and it takes quick wits and a bit of luck to make profits. These strategies are the fast action strategies for options scalpers. This time frame carries the highest risk, but also the fastest returns. Suggested expiry is only 60 seconds! Can you believe that!


Gone in 600 Seconds Strategy (N)

3 Bars High or Low Strategy (N)

Simple Balanced System Strategy (A)

BB and Scalp Strategy (A)

Floor Trader Strategy (E)


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Short Term the Best for Binary: 10-30 Minutes

Short term time frame strategies are my favorite. This is binary after all; we aren’t looking for long term investments. These target expiries in the range of 10 to 15 and 30 minutes, enough time for signals to develop and the market to move. This time frame takes skill to master, it’s no slow moving beast, but unlike ultra-short is much more reliable and a lot less risky.


The Trend is your Friend Strategy (N)

Okane’s 15-30 Minutes Strategy (N)

Cogstochastic Newbies Strategy (N)

Simple Balanced System Strategy (A)

RSI High Low Strategy (A)

Floor Trader Strategy (E)

Okane’s Homegrown Strategy (A)

Pivot Scalping Strategy – Coming Soon!


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For The Sophisticated Trader: 1-4 Hours

Medium term time frame is for the more moderate and less risky trader. These strategies target more significant market movements that take a little more time to develop. All are based on capturing a deeper trend and not the random movements that shorter time frames are subject to. Suggested expiry here is 1 – 4 hours, quick enough for an enjoyable trade but long enough for the trend to “be your friend”.


1-2-3 Strategy (N)

5X5 Simple Strategy (N)

Three Sucks Strategy (N)

Arsalan’s Cross System Strategy – (N)

The Pinocchio Strategy (N)

Simple Trendline Strategy (N)

MACD 15 Min Strategy (A)

EUR/USD Simple Strategy (A)

Teodosis Moving Averages Strategy (A)

Teodosis Simple Strategy (A)

Elliot Waves Strategy (A)

Simple Balanced System Strategy (A)

Raphael Simple Strategy (E)


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Long Term for the Geeks – Day and More

Long term time frame is what the Geek is all about, which is why you find his strategies here. These strategies target expiries longer than one day and are for a different style of trading. It’s OK to day trade, we’re not talking about investing, but so is day to day trading. It’s well recognized by the community that longer term is more reliable so why not give it a try?


Geek’s Trend Following Strategy (N)

Geek’s MACD Strategy (N)

Geek’s Simple Strategy (A)


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Bottom Line – Remember to Take a Break!

In order to be a flexible trader, and in order to be a well rounded and responsive trader we recommend you learn strategies in more than one time frame. These rankings are only our opinions; you may find yourself finding new signals in old time frames, or old signals in new time frames. We know some are good in other time frames, not to mention that multiple time frame analysis is a strategy too. The bottom line is that it takes a good strategy to make money. These are the ones we like the best, hope it helps you find what you need!


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