All Binary Options Strategies

Combine the power of trading tools into binary options strategies! Read our opinion about some of the most well-known trading systems available on the internet and learn how to use them to get an edge in your binary options trading. The cherry on top: binary options trading strategies developed in-house by our own PROs. Find them all reviewed and explained here!

Service name Level Like Suck Links
Martingale Strategy Newbie 32 4 forum_discussionMartingale Strategy Forum Discussion
The 1-2-3 Strategy Newbie 10 1 forum_discussionThe 1-2-3 Strategy Forum Discussion
Okane 15-30 Minutes Strategy Newbie 17 1 forum_discussionOkane 15-30 Minutes Strategy Forum Discussion
Best MACD Entries Strategy Advanced 18 3 forum_discussionBest MACD Entries Strategy Forum Discussion
The Geeky Gold Strategy Newbie 1 1 forum_discussionThe Geeky Gold Strategy Forum Discussion
Milos One Hour Strategy Advanced 5 2 forum_discussionMilos One Hour Strategy Forum Discussion
Simple Balanced System Advanced 17 3 forum_discussionSimple Balanced System Forum Discussion
EUR/USD Simple Strategy Advanced 4 0 forum_discussionEUR/USD Simple Strategy Forum Discussion
Bogdan Getsuga Tensho Expert 25 1 forum_discussionBogdan Getsuga Tensho Forum Discussion
The Floor Trader Strategy Expert 20 2 forum_discussionThe Floor Trader Strategy Forum Discussion
Binary Options Hedging Strategy Newbie 6 2 forum_discussionBinary Options Hedging Strategy Forum Discussion
Geek Simple Moving Average Newbie 3 0 forum_discussionGeek Simple Moving Average Forum Discussion
Tops and Bottoms on BB Advanced 8 1 forum_discussionTops and Bottoms on BB Forum Discussion
Trading Off the Daily Charts Advanced 2 0 forum_discussionTrading Off the Daily Charts Forum Discussion
15 Minutes MACD Divergence Advanced 5 1 forum_discussion15 Minutes MACD Divergence Forum Discussion
Strategy 15M by Milos Expert 4 2 forum_discussionStrategy 15M by Milos Forum Discussion
Two Armies Trading System Expert 2 2 forum_discussion
Smart Break Out Strategy Advanced 2 0 forum_discussionSmart Break Out Strategy Forum Discussion
Rainbow Madness Strategy Advanced 5 0 forum_discussionRainbow Madness Strategy Forum Discussion
One Touch Hedging Strategy Newbie 3 1 forum_discussionOne Touch Hedging Strategy Forum Discussion
The Unnamed Strategy Advanced 9 2 forum_discussionThe Unnamed Strategy Forum Discussion
Trading off the Daily Charts Advanced 2 0 forum_discussionTrading off the Daily Charts Forum Discussion
Fractal Guru Strategy Expert 2 1 forum_discussionFractal Guru Strategy Forum Discussion
Reversal Channel Strategy Expert 2 0 forum_discussionReversal Channel Strategy Forum Discussion
Multiple Time Frame Power Advanced 14 1 forum_discussionMultiple Time Frame Power Forum Discussion
Range Bound Trading Strategy Advanced 4 1 forum_discussionRange Bound Trading Strategy Forum Discussion
The Trend is your Friend Newbie 37 2 forum_discussionThe Trend is your Friend Forum Discussion
CogStochastic Strategy Newbie 6 1 forum_discussionCogStochastic Strategy Forum Discussion
Geek Stochastic Trend Following Newbie 7 0 forum_discussionGeek Stochastic Trend Following Forum Discussion
Cowabunga Strategy Advanced 6 1 forum_discussionCowabunga Strategy Forum Discussion
Inside Bar Candle Formation Advanced 3 0 forum_discussionInside Bar Candle Formation Forum Discussion
Double Red Strategy Advanced 8 0 forum_discussion
Cobra Trading Strategy Advanced 0 1 forum_discussionCobra Trading Strategy Forum Discussion
Nic B Price Action Strategy Expert 4 1 forum_discussionNic B Price Action Strategy Forum Discussion
The Raphael Simple Strategy Expert 1 0 forum_discussionThe Raphael Simple Strategy Forum Discussion
Fast Moving Averages Crossover Newbie 17 0 forum_discussionFast Moving Averages Crossover Forum Discussion
Break Out Systems Intro Newbie 12 1 forum_discussion Break Out Systems Intro Forum Discussion
Parabolic and MACD Strategy Expert 6 1 forum_discussionParabolic and MACD Strategy Forum Discussion
Duke Of York Strategy Expert 2 0 forum_discussion
SD Trading Strategy Advanced 3 1 forum_discussionSD Trading Strategy Forum Discussion
The Strangle Strategy Advanced 4 0 forum_discussionThe Strangle Strategy Forum Discussion
Oil Trading Strategy Advanced 5 0 forum_discussionOil Trading Strategy Forum Discussion
Fence Trading Strategy Advanced 3 0 forum_discussion Fence Trading Strategy Forum Discussion
3 Bars HIGH or LOW Newbie 15 1 forum_discussion3 Bars HIGH or LOW Forum Discussion
Three Ducks Trading Strategy Newbie 6 0 forum_discussion
Trend Momentum High Low Advanced 5 3 forum_discussion
Swing to 15 Minute Technicals Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionSwing to 15 Minute Technicals Forum Discussion
Introduction To Price Action Advanced 6 0 forum_discussionIntroduction To Price Action Forum Discussion
Forex Candlestick Trend System Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionForex Candlestick Trend System Forum Discussion
On Trend Trading Strategy Expert 4 1 forum_discussionOn Trend Trading Strategy Forum Discussion
high Low JMO with ATR Expert 1 0 forum_discussionhigh Low JMO with ATR Forum Discussion
Exponential Moving Average Rainbow Newbie 8 1 forum_discussionExponential Moving Average Rainbow Forum Discussion
StoCycle Trading Strategy Newbie 5 1 forum_discussionStoCycle Trading Strategy Forum Discussion
Force Index Trading Startegy Advanced 3 1 forum_discussion Force Index Trading Startegy Forum Discussion
Bollinger Band Scalp Strategy Advanced 17 1 forum_discussionBollinger Band Scalp Strategy Forum Discussion
BBands Stop and Stochastic Advanced 2 0 forum_discussionBBands Stop and Stochastic Forum Discussion
Stochastics For Crossover Signals Expert 7 1 forum_discussionStochastics For Crossover Signals Forum Discussion
G60s Binary Options Strategy Newbie 5 0 forum_discussionG60s Binary Options Strategy Forum Discussion
BB 60 Minutes Strategy Advanced 12 1 forum_discussionBB 60 Minutes Strategy Forum Discussion
The 5×5 Simple System Newbie 2 2 forum_discussionThe 5×5 Simple System Forum Discussion
Pattern Zee Strategy Advanced 0 0 forum_discussion
The Most Profitable Binary Options Trading Pattern Advanced 2 0 forum_discussion
Regression Line Strategy Advanced 3 1 forum_discussionRegression Line Strategy Forum Discussion
CCI Explosions and Binary Options Advanced 3 0 forum_discussionCCI Explosions and Binary Options Forum Discussion
Trend Line and Chart Patterns Strategy Advanced 4 0 forum_discussion
Arsalan ADX & EMA Cross System Newbie 4 2 forum_discussion
Mother Candle Strategy Expert 2 0 forum_discussion
Simple Trend Line Trading Strategy Newbie 5 1 forum_discussionSimple Trend Line Trading Strategy Forum Discussion
The Revolt Binary Options Trading Strategy Advanced 1 0 forum_discussion
CCI Divergence Breakout Strategy Expert 3 0 forum_discussion
H4 Bollinger Band Breakouts Strategy Expert 2 0 forum_discussion
ZZ-Rainbow Strategy Expert 2 0 forum_discussion
Elliot Waves Strategy Advanced 2 1 forum_discussion
Teodosi Simple Trading Strategy Advanced 2 0 forum_discussion
Dusty Old Strategy Advanced 5 0 forum_discussion
Teodosis Moving Averages Tunnel Strategy Advanced 1 0 forum_discussion
ASCTRend Binary Options Strategy Newbie 0 1 forum_discussion
Amazing Crossover System Expert 3 0 forum_discussion
Trend Line and Chart Patterns Strategy Advanced 4 0 forum_discussionTrend Line and Chart Patterns Strategy Forum Discussion
The Geek Simple MACD Strategy Newbie 4 0 forum_discussion
FX Trend Binary Options Trading Strategy Newbie 3 0 forum_discussion
Double Trouble +1 Strategy Newbie 4 0 forum_discussion
The Sloth Strategy Advanced 13 0 forum_discussion
Shakuhachi Strategy Expert 8 0 forum_discussionShakuhachi Strategy Forum Discussion
The Geeks Simple Stochastic Divergence Strategy Advanced 3 0 forum_discussionThe Geeks Simple Stochastic Divergence Strategy Forum Discussion
Joseph Nemeth Strategy Expert 13 2 forum_discussion
The Geek What Not To Do Binary Options Strategy Newbie 4 2 forum_discussion
Okane HomeGrown Price Action Strategy Advanced 9 1 forum_discussion
The Most Pattern Ever Strategy Advanced 2 0 forum_discussionThe Most Pattern Ever Strategy Forum Discussion
The Geek Moving Average Pivot Strategy Advanced 1 0 forum_discussion
Pinocchio Strategy Newbie 17 1 forum_discussionPinocchio Strategy Forum Discussion
Urbam Towers Strategy Newbie 4 0 forum_discussion
Homegrown Strategy Newbie 9 1 forum_discussionHomegrown Strategy Forum Discussion
The Double Red Strategy Advanced 8 0 forum_discussionThe Double Red Strategy Forum Discussion
Three Ducks Strategy Newbie 6 0 forum_discussionThree Ducks Strategy Forum Discussion
The RSI High Low Strategy Expert 0 forum_discussion

Binary Options Strategies and Systems


Trading Strategies are the bread and butter of Binary Options trading. Trading without a system is like walking with your hands instead of legs… Possible, but why? Search strategies for Newbies, Advanced Traders and Expert Traders.


There are so many Strategies and Systems out there. Some might suck, some are good for newbies and others should only be used by PROS. Browse through the list above and learn more about the various strategies for Binary Options Trading.


Whether you’re a newbie or a PRO, you’ll find the right strategy to suit your skills and needs. Pick a few and choose your most liked, practice and make perfect. Remember – Even the Best Binary Options Strategies and System Suck Sometimes!

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