Binary Options Tools

Everything you need to trade binary options successfully, all in one place and all explained in detail! In this section, you will find our in-depth explanations and reviews for the most profitable binary options trading tools and indicators out there. Understand and learn how to use them to your advantage!

Service name Level Like Suck Links
Japanese Candlesticks Newbie 22 1 forum_discussionJapanese Candlesticks Forum Discussion
Mega Trend Indicator Newbie 9 0 forum_discussionMega Trend Indicator Forum Discussion
Bollinger Bands Indicator Newbie 22 0 forum_discussionBollinger Bands Indicator Forum Discussion
Ease Of Movement Indicator Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionEase Of Movement Indicator Forum Discussion
Live News Indicator Advanced 5 0 forum_discussionLive News Indicator Forum Discussion
Relative Strength Index Advanced 5 0 forum_discussionRelative Strength Index Forum Discussion
Time Series Forecast Indicator Newbie 8 1 forum_discussionTime Series Forecast Indicator Forum Discussion
Average Directional Movement Advanced 8 0 forum_discussionAverage Directional Movement Forum Discussion
Trade Assistant Tool Expert 17 1 forum_discussionTrade Assistant Tool Forum Discussion
Support Resistance Indicator Advanced 11 1 forum_discussionSupport Resistance Indicator Forum Discussion
Urban Towers Indicator Expert 4 0 forum_discussionUrban Towers Indicator Forum Discussion
Binary Options Economic Calendar Newbie 7 0 forum_discussionBinary Options Economic Calendar Forum Discussion
TMA Indicator Newbie 8 1 forum_discussionTMA Indicator Forum Discussion
Keltner Channels Tool Expert 2 0 forum_discussionKeltner Channels Tool Forum Discussion
Convergence of Indicators Expert 1 0 forum_discussionConvergence of Indicators Forum Discussion
Paint the Town Red Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionPaint the Town Red Forum Discussion
Fisher Transform Indicator Advanced 9 0 forum_discussionFisher Transform Indicator Forum Discussion
Zig Zag Indicator Advanced 3 0 forum_discussionZig Zag Indicator Forum Discussion
Directional Movement Index Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionDirectional Movement Index Forum Discussion
The Autochartist Tool Advanced 10 1 forum_discussionThe Autochartist Tool Forum Discussion
Heikin Ashi Candles Newbie 14 2 forum_discussionHeikin Ashi Candles Forum Discussion
TiG Wave Indicator Not Recommended 1 3 forum_discussionTiG Wave Indicator Forum Discussion
Risk Management Calculator Not Recommended 3 1 forum_discussionRisk Management Calculator Forum Discussion
CCFP Indicator Advanced 3 0 forum_discussionCCFP Indicator Forum Discussion
The Fibonacci Tool Advanced 8 0 forum_discussionThe Fibonacci Tool Forum Discussion
Quickfib Indicator Newbie 8 0 forum_discussionQuickfib Indicator Forum Discussion
Harami Reversal Patterns Advanced 2 0 forum_discussionHarami Reversal Patterns Forum Discussion
Average Daily Range Tool Advanced 2 0 forum_discussionAverage Daily Range Tool Forum Discussion
MA Convergence Divergence Tool Newbie 16 1 forum_discussionMA Convergence Divergence Tool Forum Discussion
Time VIII Indicator Newbie 6 0 forum_discussionTime VIII Indicator Forum Discussion
High Low Moving Average Indicator Advanced 0 0 forum_discussionHigh Low Moving Average Indicator Forum Discussion
The Divergence Tool Expert 13 0 forum_discussionThe Divergence Tool Forum Discussion
Twiggs Money Flow Not Recommended 0 0 forum_discussionTwiggs Money Flow Forum Discussion
Chart Pattern Recognition Tool Advanced 15 0 forum_discussionChart Pattern Recognition Tool Forum Discussion
Historical Chart Tool Newbie 2 0 forum_discussionHistorical Chart Tool Forum Discussion
The Force Indicator Newbie 5 0 forum_discussionThe Force Indicator Forum Discussion
US Dollar Index Tool Expert 0 0 forum_discussionUS Dollar Index Tool Forum Discussion
Parabolic SAR Tool Advanced 5 0 forum_discussionParabolic SAR Tool Forum Discussion
Pinbar Detector Indicator Newbie 2 1 forum_discussionPinbar Detector Indicator Forum Discussion
The Strategy Tester Newbie 21 0 forum_discussionThe Strategy Tester Forum Discussion
Pivot Calculator Tool Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionPivot Calculator Tool Forum Discussion
Stochastic RSI Indicator Expert 2 0 forum_discussionStochastic RSI Indicator Forum Discussion
Balance Of Power Indicator Newbie 1 1 forum_discussionBalance Of Power Indicator Forum Discussion
Basic Price Channels Tool Newbie 3 0 forum_discussionBasic Price Channels Tool Forum Discussion
Financial Calendar Newbie 4 0 forum_discussionFinancial Calendar Forum Discussion
Big Table of Currency Correlation Advanced 6 0 forum_discussionBig Table of Currency Correlation Forum Discussion
Currency Strength Indicator Advanced 4 2 forum_discussion
AutoTrader Signals Advanced 6 0 forum_discussion
Chart Patterns Tool Advanced 15 0 forum_discussionChart Patterns Tool Forum Discussion
MetaTrader4 Newbie 19 1 forum_discussionMetaTrader4 Forum Discussion
Historical Charts Newbie 2 0 forum_discussion
Volatility Tool Newbie 3 0 forum_discussionVolatility Tool Forum Discussion
Linear Regression Channel Advanced 3 0 forum_discussionLinear Regression Channel Forum Discussion
Standard Deviation Channel Indicator Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionStandard Deviation Channel Indicator Forum Discussion
Ichimoku Indicator Newbie 7 1 forum_discussionIchimoku Indicator Forum Discussion
Retracement Finder Indicator Advanced 8 0 forum_discussionRetracement Finder Indicator Forum Discussion
Pivot Points Tool Newbie 10 0 forum_discussionPivot Points Tool Forum Discussion
Accumulation/Distribution Line Tool Expert 0 0 forum_discussionAccumulation/Distribution Line Tool Forum Discussion
The Advance Decline Indicator Expert 0 0 forum_discussion
Alligator Tool Expert 3 0 forum_discussionAlligator Tool Forum Discussion
Momentum Index Tool Expert 2 0 forum_discussionMomentum Index Tool Forum Discussion
Awesome Oscillator Tool Expert 4 0 forum_discussionAwesome Oscillator Tool Forum Discussion
Donchian Channel Indicator Advanced 2 0 forum_discussionDonchian Channel Indicator Forum Discussion
The Divergence Tool Expert 13 0 forum_discussionThe Divergence Tool Forum Discussion
RSIMA Binary Options Tool Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionRSIMA Binary Options Tool Forum Discussion
DSS Bressert Indicator Advanced 12 3 forum_discussionDSS Bressert Indicator Forum Discussion
Dynamic Zone RSI Tool Advanced 3 0 forum_discussionDynamic Zone RSI Tool Forum Discussion
Ease Of Movement Indicator Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionEase Of Movement Indicator Forum Discussion
Stochastic Divergence Tool Newbie 2 0 forum_discussionStochastic Divergence Tool Forum Discussion
Japanese Candlesticks Advanced 12 0 forum_discussionJapanese Candlesticks Forum Discussion
Jensen’s Alpha Indicator Advanced 1 1 forum_discussionJensen’s Alpha Indicator Forum Discussion
JMA Ribbon Binary Options Tool Advanced 4 2 forum_discussionJMA Ribbon Binary Options Tool Forum Discussion
KDJ Stochastic Indicator Newbie 8 0 forum_discussionKDJ Stochastic Indicator Forum Discussion
Keltner Channels Tool Expert 2 0 forum_discussionKeltner Channels Tool Forum Discussion
Linear Regression Curve Indicator Advanced 3 0 forum_discussionLinear Regression Curve Indicator Forum Discussion
Moving Averages Newbie 10 1 forum_discussionMoving Averages Forum Discussion
Multiple Time Frames Indicators Series Newbie 35 3 forum_discussionMultiple Time Frames Indicators Series Forum Discussion
NetDania ChartStation Newbie 9 1 forum_discussionNetDania ChartStation Forum Discussion
Roll Over and Close Now Tools Newbie 4 1 forum_discussionRoll Over and Close Now Tools Forum Discussion
Stochastic Oscillator Tool Newbie 1 0 forum_discussionStochastic Oscillator Tool Forum Discussion
The Aroon Oscillator Indicator Advanced 0 0 forum_discussionThe Aroon Oscillator Indicator Forum Discussion
The Commodity Channel Index Tool Newbie 2 0 forum_discussionThe Commodity Channel Index Tool Forum Discussion
The must have Trading Tool Newbie 5 0 forum_discussionThe must have Trading Tool Forum Discussion
The Option Builder Tool Newbie 2 0 forum_discussionThe Option Builder Tool Forum Discussion
The Ultimate Oscillator Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionThe Ultimate Oscillator Forum Discussion
TiG Wave Indicator Not Recommended 1 3 forum_discussionTiG Wave Indicator Forum Discussion
Traders’ Dynamic Index Expert 45 7 forum_discussionTraders’ Dynamic Index Forum Discussion
TradingView’s Free Charting Package Newbie 7 0 forum_discussionTradingView’s Free Charting Package Forum Discussion
ULTRA TMA Tool Advanced 4 0 forum_discussionULTRA TMA Tool Forum Discussion
Volume Flow Indicator Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionVolume Flow Indicator Forum Discussion
Volume Indicator Newbie 4 0 forum_discussionVolume Indicator Forum Discussion
Wilder’s Smoothing Tool Advanced 1 0 forum_discussionWilder’s Smoothing Tool Forum Discussion

Binary Options Trading Tools and Indicators


Every Newbie trader must learn to make use of various trading tools and indicators, and every experienced trader knows the true power of trading aids. Search for Binary Options Trading Tools and Indicators here.


There are so many Tools and Indicators out there. Some might suck, some are good for newbies or a must have and others should only be used by PROS. Browse trading aids by level and user ratings.


Trading Tools and Indicators are the elements that makes the building, or in our case – the Trading Strategy. Choose the best trading aids to match your level of experience and style of trading. Remember – Even the Best Binary Options Tools and Indicators Suck Sometimes!

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