Trading the Zodiac: Trade According to your Horoscope. Aries to Virgo.

Trading The Zodiac – The First Half Of The Year!

Believe it or not some people trade based on their horoscope. Or more specifically their sign of the Zodiac. It may seem like a hoax, scam or plain foolishness but there is something more to it. A zodiac sign is like a totem or guiding spirit. The word zodiac literally translates into “animals” and that is what it represents; a group of animals drawn with stars in the night sky. Each sign is said to impart its characteristics onto those born under it, as the Earth moves through its yearly cycle it also moves through zodiac belt receiving influences from each in turn. While I don’t use the zodiac in my own analysis I thought it might be fun to look at it from a trader’s perspective. The signs themselves each have their own characteristics such as male/female, positive/negative and active/passive.



Aries – Ram- Aries is a Sign Devoted to Strength. Aries - Ram- Aries is a Sign Devoted to Strength.

The Ram thinks in terms of “I am” and is often found in positions of leadership. The Ram can be hot-headed and impulsive but is usually correct in its assumptions. Aries is the first sign of the calendar year and can often lead the market, at least for a time. The natural leadership skills inherent in the Ram can manifest as a keen executive ability making Aries perfect candidates for CEO and other corporate positions. This tendency is also evident in which assets Aries can trade best, large multinational corporations. Aries, take the time to get your bearings before going off on a trading rampage. Remember others are likely watching you for leadership.



Taurus – Bull-It May Seem Obvious but Taurus are among the Most Bullish of Traders. It May Seem Obvious but Taurus are among the Most Bullish of Traders.

Even in a bear market The Bull is able to hunt down the best bull trades available. Taurus thinks in terms of “I possess”, which tends to exhibit itself as a caretaker of all in its possession. The Bull likes to join in the community and is especially drawn to social trading and forums where it can be found shepherding other traders. Bulls are dependable but also headstrong. Once a decision is made it is carried out. Taurus is especially good at money management and sticking with a trading system. My advice to you Taurus, focus on your system and money management rules, trade when the signals are good then sit back and watch your profits roll in.



Gemini – Twins – The Twins are Perhaps the Best of All Binary Options Traders. The Twins are Perhaps the Best of All Binary Options Traders.

The Twins represent duality, the key feature of binary options. The Twins are deeply introspective, dominated by the phrase “I think”. This thoughtful, observant and incredibly intuitive approach to trading allows the Gemini to be in tune with the ebb and flow of the market tide. However, the Gemini can be scattered and at times may seem to be without direction due to an intense love of variety. A suggestion for Gemini is to have more than one account open for trading different kinds of strategies. I myself am a Gemini and know for a fact there are at least two of me inside my head, and those two guys are probably schizo.



Cancer – Crab – The Crab is a Great Nurturer. The Crab is a Great Nurturer.

Cancers think in terms of “I nurture” and spend a lot of time allowing trades to develop. The ability to patiently sit and wait for a signal is strongest under this sign. Even non-Cancers can benefit from this trait while the Earth is in the sign of Cancer early each summer. Cancers can be great traders because of their instincts, which are rarely wrong. The trouble most of Cancer’s face is understanding what their intuition is telling them. Cancer also tends to be over-reactive which can lead to unnecessary losses. Get a grip on your self you old Crab! Trust the trend and trust your trades, don’t react to every piece of news- let the overall picture direct your trading.



Leo – Lion – The Lion is a Fierce and Aggressive Trader but also One with a Purpose. The Lion is a fierce and aggressive trader but also one with a purpose.

The Lion loves to win but also loves for others to know it. The thought “I shine” is their driving purpose and is manifest in a driving ambition to be successful. The Lion will seldom rely on others, as a trader, Leo is the least likely to be found following a signal service provider or using an auto-bot. The Lion is similar to the Ram is many ways but different in one very important thing; the Lion has control over his emotions. The mantra “I am calm, I am satisfied” helps Leo live in the moment and to never force a trade. I would not be a bit surprised to find that many of the most successful trading guru’s are Leo’s. My advice, don’t lose sight of your goals and purpose. Being a winner is cool but trading just to win could make you a loser in the end. Stick to your purpose.



Virgo – Virgin – The Virgin is Innocent in the Ways of the Trading World. The Virgin is an Innocent in the Ways of the Trading World.

An Earth sign, Virgo’s are most comfortable, or at least profitable, trading the hard commodities like gold, copper, and oil. When left on their own Virgo’s can be quite accomplished traders but can be easily tempted by SSP’s and other services advertising huge returns. The Virgin tends to overreact to news, initially. It usually turns out the first reaction was the right one for these traders. Virgo’s also tend to be perfectionists. Trading can hardly be called a perfect endeavor and often causes frustration for the Virgin. My advice, don’t expect perfection. Strive for it in your heart but understand that it is an unattainable goal. Once you can accept a loss with grace you will be able to move on the next winner.



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