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  • BitcoinLoophole

  • Return: from $500/ Hour
  • Price: Free* Deposit required
  • Rating: 1 / 10
Robot Name: BitcoinLoophole
Founded: 2018
Type: Robot
Price: Free
Return: from $500/ Hour
Trading: Bitcoin, BO
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: 250

BitcoinLoophole Review

The Bitcoin Loophole is a free trading software and investment group totally focused on the ever-expanding Bitcoin market. It takes advantage of market anomalies that only occur in the fast-paced cryptocurrency world and utilized minimal Bitcoin investment to make wild returns. The system is so good in fact that they, not sure exactly who “they” are, say you will earn a minimum of $13,000 in the first 24 hours alone! Guaranteed to produce positive results 99% of the time. The system is owned and operated by the Bitcoin Loophole LTD, a company that is not registered, regulated or recognized by any jurisdiction I could find.



How Much Can You Earn with the Bitcoin Loophole?

The Bitcoin Loophole is a trading software but also a group of traders using the software. Because it is still in beta testing it is free but will require an initial investment on your part. The initial investment is only $250 dollar, surprisingly similar to minimum deposits from most binary options brokers. With this money, you can expect to earn $500 an hour, $13,000 in 24 hours or up to $74,000 in 3 months (I hope it doesn’t slip by you that if you are earning $500 per hour you should make way more than $74,000 in 3 months, just saying).


The Bitcoin Loophole Scam

The video is narrated by a man who calls himself Steve Mckay, a trading a software specialist who has been featured in Forbes and Money Magazine. The problem is that if you go looking for the issues that feature him you won’t find them, they aren’t real. The “loophole” is never fully explained in the video or supporting materials but rest assured its good. What is also never explained fully is who these people are, where they are located or the business backing the website.



Another thing I don’t fully understand is if this is an algorithm for taking advantage of the cryptocurrency market why you have to sign up with a binary options broker to use it. Oh yeah, because the “loophole” is a way to make profits on something without actually buying it. The story, as Mr. Mckay tells it, is that while working as a software developer on Wall Street he was tasked with creating this fantastic algorithm, after a year of hard work it finally went live but was pulled after only 2 days. That was when he got an anonymous call that turned out to be his former boss. His boss told him he had already made enough to money to quit his job and to never ever share the secret with anyone else.


Signing Up to the Bitcoin Loophole is Free!

Like all binary options scams signing up is free, and the first step in your journey to financial freedom. Once you sign up you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire so they can match you with the best broker from their list of recommended brokers. What you will find is that many, if not all, of the names on this list, are known frauds, many of which are already on our list of not approved brokers. Names like Greenfields Capital, Prestige Options, and Stoxxmarket are only a few that I know for sure are not to be trusted. Once you sign up you will gain access to the same old piece of crap autotrader you can find on most of the scams we review. For the most part they are SpotOption white labels who at least offer cryptopairs on the website… some of the brokers don’t.



How To Invest in (Real) Bitcoin

I’ll be honest, Bitcoin is badass. I love it and trade it and own it. I also would recommend for those interested to get involved with it but this is not the way. This site is just another scam and one that, quite frankly, was pretty easy to spot. The first warning is the wild claims of riches, nothing works that well and if it did, it would probably be a scam, just like this one. The second warning flag is the “limited space available” BS. They show a counter with only 5 spots left when you first go to the site, while you are watching the video it ticks down to 2 (where it stays) but each time you go back it will reset to 5 (imagine that). So, if you want to chase phantom riches and end up losing your ass, go ahead and get this software. If you want to really trade BTC go somewhere else.


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