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CFDs are taking over the trading scene and most brokers offer diversify your trading portofilo with Contracts For Difference (CFD). This means that you have to get to work, making sure you know everything there is about CFD brokers, but you’re in lucky because the tough job was already done by us. We’ve prepared detailed reviews of the most important CFD brokers, including stats, rankings and unbiased opinions. Some CFD brokers suck and choosing the right one for you is no easy task but this page is here to help you do exactly that: find your next CFD Broker, from a big list of CFD providers. Protect your money and pick the right CFD broker for you!

Broker name Regulated Minimum Deposit Leverage Score
ETXCapital Yes 100 N/A 8.5 / 10 Visit Now
PrimeCFDs N/A 250 Up to 1:200 1 / 10 Visit Now
ITrader Yes 250 1:500 8.4 / 10 Visit Now
24Option Yes 100 1:30 9.3 / 10 Visit Now
BDSwiss Yes 200 1:30 8.5 / 10 Visit Now
Pepperstone Yes 200 1:500 9.0 / 10 Visit Now
Libertex Yes 250 N/A 7.6 / 10 Visit Now
StoxMarket N/A 3000 1:100 7.1 / 10 Visit Now
eToro Yes 200 up to 1:400 9.1 / 10 Visit Now
GMO Trading Yes 200 1:30 8.0 / 10 Visit Now Yes 5 up to 1:50 7.9 / 10 Visit Now
RaceOption N/A 250 N/A 6.3 / 10 Visit Now
Olsson Capital N/A 250 1:200 3.3 / 10 Visit Now
UBanker N/A 250 1:200 7.3 / 10 Visit Now
NovusCM N/A 1000 1:100 6.8 / 10 Visit Now
Ontega N/A 5 1:200 7.3 / 10 Visit Now
Alvexo Yes 500 1:50 to 1:300 6.9 / 10 Visit Now
ForTrade Yes 100 up to 1:10 8.1 / 10 Visit Now
Tradovest N/A 200 up to 1:200 7.5 / 10 Visit Now
CloseOption N/A 5 N/A 7.0 / 10 Visit Now
Investous Yes 250 up to 1:30 9.0 / 10 Visit Now
City Index Yes 100 1:200 8.4 / 10 Visit Now
Trader Online N/A 250 1:200 4.6 / 10 Visit Now
Q8Trade Yes 250 1:100 6.2 / 10 Visit Now
EightCap Yes 100 Up to 1:500 8.1 / 10 Visit Now
easyMarkets Yes 100 1:50 8.7 / 10 Visit Now
FinMarket Yes 250 1:100 6.8 / 10 Visit Now

CFD Brokers List – 2019

Search For Brokers

Contracts For Difference (CFD) have widely replaced Binary Options in terms of popularity and now some of the “old” binary brokers are turning to CFDs completely or partly (some of them are still offering BOs). What this means is that more brokers were already added to the CFD broker list and even more will follow. This ultimately translates into a huge pool of choices for you.


Learn About The Brokers

You need to learn what they are all about because at the surface almost all brokers are “the best” and “the biggest”. The first worry should be your money and the level of safety provided by the broker. A regulated broker has a much higher level of safety than an unregulated one, that’s why you need to see if a major financial authority is keeping guard. Some of the main watchdogs include CySEC (Cyprus), FCA (United Kingdom) and ASIC (Australia) but there are several others that may regulate a brokerage, depending on jurisdiction.

Then you have to look at trading conditions, the number of assets, what platform are they offering (easy to use, advanced, pro, etc.) and you also have to take into consideration the minimum deposit and how much leverage they offer. If you only have $250 to invest but the minimum deposit at your chosen brokerage is $500, then you cannot have access to them even if they are good. The leverage is also important because it allows you to control risk – using leverage you increase potential rewards but also risk more money in the process. It’s a fine line between too much leverage and too little.


Choose The Broker

We take care of researching everything just mentioned above and much more, including but not limited to searching for complaints online and warning you if any of the regulators have issued any fines or announcements regarding a specific broker. Everything we find will be compiled into a comprehensive and unbiased review, as well as a rankings system that goes from 0 to 10. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your own research, but the big chunk of work is done by us. Keep it safe and stay away from CFD brokers That Suck!


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