Losing your Money on Binary Options? Donate to Charity Instead!

Trading or Donating to Charity? That is the Question

Open fridge – Get Beer – Drink it! Turn on big LED TV – Turn on Blu-Ray Player – Watch Movie! Those actions are familiar to a lot of us but I often stop and think about people who don’t even dream about stuff like that and just getting through today is an adventure. They are constantly struggling to get things that we just take for granted, like food or shelter. In case you’re wondering, I’m not trying to get you depressed, I just want you to realize that sometimes helping the world and giving back to those in need is the right thing to do. Most of us went through harsh times and a helping hand would have been more than welcomed… heck, even BinaryOptionsthatSuck.com received donations from fellow traders back in the early days.




Binary Options? It’s Easy! Everybody can do it!?!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with reasons why you should donate to charity and help others. Those are obvious. What I’m trying to convince you to do is to give to charity ALL the money you want to invest in Binary Options. Ok, by this time, you probably think I finally lost it and my rambling caught up with me. Well, that’s not the case; my mental sanity is still intact (I hope…) and my point is this: if you decide to invest without some basic training, the broker you are trading with will probably get all your money so you might as well donate it to charity. It’s a common thing among newbies to think they can jump in, invest 200 bucks and easy turn it into one thousand within 2 or three days. Sure, all the brokers tell you it’s easy and you don’t need any financial knowledge to trade Binary Options… and it’s true to some extent: even a kid can place a Binary Option trade by selecting an asset and then clicking Up/Down or Green/Red. But trading is not as easy as they want you to believe and it involves a lot more than clicking colored buttons on the screen. If you don’t agree with me, it’s probably time to donate to charity. At least that way your money will be used for a noble cause.


You remember that myth about how you can learn to swim by jumping directly in the deep water? It’s easy… all you have to do is flap your hands and you will float. But would you do it? I certainly wouldn’t! Instead, I’d try to test it in a shallow pool. It’s all about managing your risk. Similar to how I manage the risk of drowning by learning to swim in shallow water, I should first get some basic trading education and only then invest my money. Some people don’t understand this and go in, head first; the best course of action for these guys is to… donate their money to charity. It’s that simple: either you learn or give it away because it’s almost certain that your money will be lost to you. How I see it is this way: if you get some basic training, you will have some chances of success trading Binary Options; if you don’t learn before trading, you will lose it almost for sure and all you can do is decide where your money goes: in the deep pockets of the brokers or somewhere useful like one of the organizations in this link Better World Hand Book Do it! Donate! This way at least you control who will benefit from your money… or start learning!




No Training? No Money! It’s Just Cause and Effect…

Just how I can’t feel sorry for someone who got wet after being warned not to jump in the water, I cannot feel sorry for a guy who lost all his money because he thought education is overrated and useless. All actions have consequences and decisions rest on each trader’s shoulders so make extra sure that you make the right one. You know what that is: Go to School! That’s the first step towards financial freedom and we give you all the training needed, both theoretical (Binary Options Trading School) and practical (CommuniTraders Binary Options Social Trading Platfrom). So don’t be the laughing stock of brokers and don’t let this scenario come true:


– Hey Mike, u got any today?

– Yea, about 15 new ones.

– They any good?

– For me, yea! They got no idea about binaries though. Hahaha!

– So more meat for the grinder…hahahaha

– Yea, 1 week tops and I bet you 100 bucks all 15 accounts are blown.

– You’re on!  

– Pfff! Easy money, mate!



 Learn how to Trade Binary Options Before Actual Trading, or Donate your Money to Charity. Personally, i’d rather you donate anyway, as all of us at ThatSucks.com (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck.com) do.