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Imagine being targeted by armies of scammers working 24/7 in dark offices somewhere to bring to light the next robot that will make you a millionaire in a matter of days… or so they say at least. They try to lure you with flashy headlines and promises of easy money and you’re not their only target! Every year, about $47 million are lost to online scammers and that’s in the United States alone!

It has become very common to see ads for trading robots that allegedly make thousands of dollars each day on trading Bitcoin, stocks, commodities, options and whatnot.

Push a button and make $2K every day, all free, no experience needed! Now this statement alone should be enough to deter anyone who reads it from having anything to do with said trading robot or software. Hey look, it’s Bill Gates telling you, get rich!

The Bitcoin Trader Scam
Look, I’ve been a trader for about 14 years now and throughout this time, I have never seen something that can even come close to “sure money” or “guaranteed profits”, let alone on autopilot, let alone without having to pay anything.

We have reviewed tens, maybe hundreds of millionaire-making robots and guess what: they all lose your money! The only way to make money trading online is to get the proper education, to learn to trade, to manage risk and to have a legit broker, one that you can trust with your money.


We’ve Got You Covered!

Since 2011, we’ve been reviewing trading brokers, robots or just any product out there for traders and trying to warn them about scams and to guide them towards a safe platform. And we’ll keep doing that because no matter how good a trader you are, your skills will be useless if you are dealing with a subpar broker, or even worse, with a scam broker.

So while we don’t vouch for any robot, we strongly advise you to try our recommended broker. We’ve done extensive research and gathered information from other users before vouching for them.


Trusted! A respected broker is essential if you want to succeed in online trading, so make sure you make the right choice! Start with a Broker That Does NOT Suck!.

Bottom line is this: at least 99.99% of all trading robots are a scam and will direct you to a scam broker. Yes, it’s that simple. But now you know, and you won’t fall into their trap again! And fret not, there are ways of making money trading, with the proper research, education and more importantly, with a REPUTABLE BROKER.


You can be the best trader in the world but you won’t make any money if your broker was recommended by a cash-grabbing auto trading robot. That’s where we come in!