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If you have been a victim of scams with any trading company please forward us the details, including the broker/company name, emails exchanged between you and them, chat transcripts, etc. We will do our best to let other people know how these companies mistreat their clients and hopefully will help other clients avoid scam.

If you’ve used binary options signal service providers, robots, autotraders or similar software and the actual results don’t match the ones advertised, please contact us and let us know about it. Likewise, if you been a victim of Forex and CFD scams, Bitcoin scams, Cryptocurrency investment frauds and easy money schemes, share your stories with us – We will do our best to warn others about using that software or signal service.

If you want to share your story, we are here for you and we will do our best to make it heard. Your feedback will help other traders.

Our goal is to make the world of Trading safe and scam free!


Contact us at Info (at) ThatSucks (dot) com


Legal Guide and Advice team is always ready to help fellow traders in case they’re having problems with their Broker. Unfortunately, our hands are full and we don’t always have the time to deal with every complaint with all the right tools. Also, we are not a law firm so we are not qualified to offer legal advice. If you’ve encountered any trouble and all your efforts to get your money back did not help, strongly advise checking Lawyers Guide for legal help and advice. also recommends contacting in case you have a problem with one of the binary options brokers or FX/CFD or Cryptocurrency, and, a place to report international scams online. We strongly advise you to read our article Binary Options Regulation – Everything You Need to Know as it will give you all the needed information about regulatory authorities across the globe and places where you can legally file a complaint.



Also, if you need to do a Chargeback, you can contact MyChargeBack, a website that assists clients through the chargeback process, giving tailor-made solutions to each case. Their service is a paid one but the fees are reasonable and they seem to have a legit interest of helping their customers, and lots of experience with chargebacks.