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  • Return: $5700 /Day
    Price: Free*
Robot Name: Tesler App
Founded: 2016
Type: Robot
Price: Free*
Return: $5700 /Day
Trading: BO
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: Up to Broker
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Tesler App Review

by Martin Kay

Tesler app is the latest trading software to hit the market. They have a game-changing algorithm that is guaranteed to generate results and best of all, is 100% suited for total newbies. The software runs on any device, installs in only 2 minutes and is guaranteed to make $5,000 per user, per day.


Tesler App – How it Works

This is how it works. The folks at Tesler want to make a slice of the $7.8 trillion in the global daily trading volume available to normal people, just like you and me. They have massive computer mainframes that scour the market for data, 24/7 I might add, in order to generate trading signals and send them directly to your account so there is no responsibility on your part. The software analyzes thousands of bits of market data, going back a full 60 minutes before the time of a trade, in order to maximize profit potential by capturing the strongest moves before they begin.

Tesler App - What they tell you

One example of the type of data that is being used is breaking news, a well-known market signal. The software scans the breaking news sections of CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and many other sites looking for keywords. Keywords such as “better than expected”, “central bank policy” and “war” are triggers for the market and are often a sign of upcoming movements.

The Tesler system is an automated app that can be used on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. You might be thinking that your device is too old and out of date, or too slow, or that your connection isn’t good enough but don’t worry. The system is designed to do what it does, nearly instantly, on any device and at any speed because it connects directly to company mainframes located in downtown NYC.

If you don’t believe it, and why wouldn’t you, you can test the software first. You can earn up to $237, yes that’s right, $237 per hour and all you have to do is sign up and participate in the test. Of course, the test doesn’t really matter because the system is totally free. All you have to do is sign up, and of course make a deposit with one of their brokers, which are all on our do not trust list.

Tesler Lies! Or is it Fake?


The Tesler App – How it REALLY Works

I know if you are like me you are saying to yourself that this sounds like another scam, and they aren’t even trying to hide it. I mean seriously, one of the first things I see when I look at their site is the words GUARANTEED and 100%, two words that can not be applied to trading or binary options. Not unless you mean that trading binary with signal software like this is 100% guaranteed to make you go broke. They use these words in a number of places including claims that you are guaranteed to make profits, and that the system is 100% free.

While technically free, you don’t have to pay them any money, you can’t get the software without registering and depositing with one of their recommended brokers and we all know what that means. Marketing scam. As part of my research I found that the results are geo-targeted too, so be careful of getting fooled. I use a VPN and whenever I switch servers to a new country the folks who are making thousands of dollars “right now!” are always from the same country. When I used a German IP, traders in Warburg and Witzenhausen were making bank, when I used one from England they lived in Wales. Bottom line, as if you couldn’t figure it out for yourself, this is a big old scam.


New And Improved Tesler 2.0!

“I’ve made it my lifelong goal to help normal everyday folks, just like you, make life-changing money in a matter of days” – Some actor pretending to be CEO of Tesler Investments

In the time since our first look at the Tesler App the company has been able to advance its technology. They have released the fantastic Tesler App 2.0! Yes, my friends, these scumbags have rebranded themselves as a 2.0 version. All they did was make a new website and give it a new name. If you’re feeling like you’re having a déjà vu, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.

Allegedly, Tesler 2.0 is even easier to use, great for beginners and can make you $5,000 per day. From what we have been able to discover this is nothing more than the very same app as the original Tesler App! The crooks even used the same actors to make their crappy testimonials.

Just so you know, today is the final day when the Tesler 2.0 is offered for free. Tomorrow it will be free as well, and the day after, and the day after. As long as their website is up, they will say it’s the last day you can get the robot for free. It’s a regular gimmick, which is present in all scams like this one… oh, did I forgot to mention that Tesler 2.0 is also a scam? Sorry let me fix that: The Tesler 2.0 is a SCAM! The actor claims you will make $5,700 by the end of the day and over 1 Million bucks in less than 6 months. WOW, right?

Tesler Million Dollar

Ok, but how will Tesler App achieve such an amazing feat? Lead Patterns… Lead… Patterns… LEAD… oh my God, he repeats those 2 words over and over again like I’m some sort of retard who doesn’t get it the first time. I guess he really wants me to understand how this scam works. And he really wants me to know that there is no risk involved, it’s mathematically impossible to lose money. In other words, he just destroyed the concept of money because if everyone can make as much money as they want, without risk, that means in a few months or maybe years, all people will be filthy rich and eventually money won’t be important. Inflation, economics, and stuff but let’s not worry about that.

If you are expecting some sort of information about how this Tesler 2.0 actually works, you will be disappointed because all he gives us is mumbo-jumbo about lead patterns and some other BS about “hyper-responsive data speed and analysis of 3 million, million market variables”. That makes no sense! An on top of giving me that cr4p, he starts spelling out the word “Free”. Shish, I guess he really wants to drive it through my brain. But surprise, surprise, a few seconds after, he says that after 41 days he will deduct 0.5% from my winnings as an operating fee. So for every 10K I make, he will take 50 bucks. No sorry, that’s a deal breaker for me. I was about to use your software but now I won’t.

The truth is that he will not deduct any fee because you will never make 10 thousand USD and probably not even 10 USD. But let’s put that aside for a moment because it’s time for the big fat testimonials. All these scams show fake/paid testimonials but this one is a bit over the top: an alleged user of Tesler App (surely an actor in reality) claims to be located in Somalia and says he joined the “system” to make money to build a hospital…

The Tesler Dog (Not Really);

Why did you have to go there?? Just leave it at fake testimonials about big bucks, buying cars, happy people, etcetera. I bet Somalia could use a new hospital but we all know the testimonial is fake and a new hospital won’t be built with money made from Tesler. Shake my head…

The rest of the video is more of the same lies and brainwashing and the presentation ends with the guy telling me again I will make $5,700 per day and adds a cherry on top: it’s all tax-free! Hmm, I wonder what the IRS would have to say about that. Why would it be tax-free? I don’t know how the taxation system works in the United States but this seems like something you would have to pay taxes for. Oh wait, I just remembered: you cannot pay taxes if your revenue is ZERO. Because that’s how much money you will make with Tesler App: a big fat zero!


Tesler App Might Hijack Your PC!

This is a big warning!!! Do NOT install unknown software on your PC! It is well known among big internet companies and webmasters, however, most people are not aware of the possibility of getting their PC hijacked by a 3rd party. If you’ve already installed an app like Tesler app, you should check your computer ASAP. This is a big warning, one that should NOT be ignored.