How To Impress Your Date with your Outstanding Binary Options Trading Skills

Impress Your Date with Binary Options Trading Knowledge

Just because you impress your self with your trading powers doesn’t mean any one else will care, especially your girl friend. In fact, she may not find it impressive at all. Saying the wrong thing could create more confusion than not. Find out how to impress your date with binary options.


So you’ve decided you want to impress your date, your girlfriend or your wife with your binary options prowess. It only makes sense. Trading is hard and when you accomplish something difficult it is right and even manly to want to show it off. However, before you run off and tell ol’ girl about your trading let me tell you DON’T. There are much better way’s to show off than to tell here what you are doing. Be realistic, you are probably more likely to scare her than to impress her. Showing her a trade screen, talking about technical analysis, strategy and leverage are only going to make her think you are irresponsible, gambling or worse.Try to Impress your date


Girls, unless you are lucky enough to be dating one of the lovely lasses who like to trade, usually don’t want to know about your trading because they don’t want you trading. To them it is risky and a waste of money that could be spent or saved elsewhere. Save the head ache of having your girl mad at you or worse, disappointed, and don’t go bragging about how awesome day trading binary options is. There are better ways to do this.




Step #1 – Embrace the Trading Lifestyle

First thing you need to do is embrace the trading lifestyle. Keep your job and work diligently at it until you can leave it behind. Trading for a living doesn’t mean quitting everything and all of a sudden you’re a profitable trader. It takes time and work to hone a strategy, build a system and grow an account to a size that can sustain your lifestyle. Embrace the fact that you will have to keep your job, be happy with it and keep on growing your account. Of course, along the way you can cut back your hours and take extended vacations whenever its appropriate. Taking your girl to a nice restaurant, the span or even on a trip is a great way to show off without showing off. If she asks how you paid for it simply say “I worked for it” and mean it.


The second thing is to learn about trading, make the markets part of your daily life and grow as a person. Girls love it when you learn something about yourself and grow, especially if you share it with them. Don’t brag about the money or the trading, just let her know you have expanded your horizons or reached a new perspective on “life, the universe and everything”.  Trading is a life time endeavor and one that will teach you knew things all the time. As you learn and change share it and reap the benefits of a happy companion.



Step #2 – Gifts Cost Money!

Buy her things. Every girl likes to be bought presents so this is definitely a way to impress without bragging. You don’t have to tell her you hit it big in the markets, tell her you had a good day and thought of her first. It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be thoughtful. Just think of the reaction you’ll get with a bouquet of long stem red roses compared to telling her how you bought a one hour call option on gold because of a central bank statement and profited 85% on the move.


Working for yourself and owning a business is another great way to impress the girls. Build a business out of your trading. Most traders dream of trading for a  living but what most don’t realize is that to do that you must trade like it is a business, your business. Treat your account like a business, grow it to a size where it can pay for your life and maybe even give you a pay check.



Step #3 – Have Some Confidence Man!

The best way to impress any girl with your trading is confidence. Confidence is the number one ingredient for impressing any one, especially girls. Learning to trade, growing with the markets, becoming successful, building your own business and eventually retiring from what I call “real work” is sure to build confidence in any one. Think of how impressive it would be to tell your new date the story of how you became a trader and eventually retired from your job….to your new house in the Bahamas.


If I can say for sure that one thing sucks it would be trying to impress your girlfriend, wife, spouse or significant other with trading. I know your intentions will be good but trying to impress a completely uninitiated person with binary options could result in confusion at best and disdain, dismissal or disgust at worst. Keep the details to yourself but share how trading changes you, and most importantly your profits, in order to impress the girls.


 In case you don’t have or need a girlfriend at the moment, you might want to start a new relationship with a binary options broker. Learn how to choose the right broker for you!