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Binary Options Signals – The Road to Hell or the Holy Grail?

Having a boss… Lame! Having to go to work every day… Lame! Hearing the same dialogues over and over again at work and trying to look interested about it just because you have to be polite to your colleagues… Lame! But is there a way to avoid all that, a way to be your own boss? Hmm, let me think about it. Yes, there is: online trading! I know what you might be thinking: “Trading is hard and requires a lot of learning, practicing, experimenting. I don’t have time.” And you are right, trading is not the easiest thing, whether it’s Binary Options, Forex or any other form, but there may be a shortcut to profits. I would never take it because I already had my a$$ kicked in the “Trading Boot Camp” and now I’m more than confident in doing my own analysis, but here goes: the shortcut I’m talking about is paying for Signal Providers. Some might say it’s a way of making easy money online because for a relatively small fee, you can benefit from the knowledge of more experienced traders. Well, if you think of it that way, it sounds a good plan but unfortunately we are not living in a perfect world where things work as they should.




Easy Money with Binary Options Signals? For Who?

Like I said, things don’t always work as they’re supposed to and there are two problems I see when it comes to Paid or Free Binary Options Signals being a source of easy money: the first and main problem is represented by scammers. These days, scammers are everywhere, claiming they have a “secret” system that can deliver 95% profitability and offering to provide you signals according to this amazing strategy, free no charge. Or they claim to be very experienced traders, with a long and successful track record (usually fake) and they give you access to their knowledge in exchange of a monthly fee. In fact there’s no solid knowledge behind their claims and soon, Out of the Money trades will start to pile up and the account will shrink… but the fee is already paid. OK, these guys are the ones that try to scam you on purpose; they know they don’t have a winning system or enough knowledge about the market to be successful, but they still charge you for their signals. Problem number 2 is represented by guys who have such an amazing opinion about themselves as traders that they feel they must sell their signals. They start advertising, creating some hype, getting people to follow them and of course, to pay for signals. The end result is the same as in the first case: the client’s account takes a trip south and never recovers. Although scammers and poorly performing Signal Providers start out with different motivations (one had bad intentions right from the start and the other doesn’t realize he can’t trade well enough), most of the time they both end up richer and the client’s dreams of Easy Money are shattered…




Profit with Trading Signals – What is the Final Answer

I’m not saying that all Signal Providers are bad, but no trader should rely solely on the advice of such a person. The thing is: there is no free lunch in any form of trading and even if you decide to pay for signals, make sure you do a lot of research on the trader who will give you the signals. At the moment there are more losers and scammers among Signal Providers than successful ones but if you find the real ones, the guys who put their money (and yours) where their mouth is, then maybe you will find that elusive shortcut to making easy money online. In the mean time, check CommuniTraders and you will see there are a lot of trading signals there, provided by our experts… free of charge, of course. And the best thing in my opinion is that you will find there a place to learn why certain signals or tips were given; why the market moved the way it did and what pushed it. This way, you will learn to think for yourself and slowly start to see charts differently… until you will not feel the need for a signal provider anymore. 



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