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  • The Calloway Software

  • Return: $3k /24 Hours
    Price: Free
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Robot Name: The Calloway Software
Founded: 2018
Type: Robot
Price: Free
Return: $3k /24 Hours
Trading: Bitcoin, Crypto
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: 250

The Calloway Software Review

by Martin Kay

Are you rich yet? Because with all the magic software that’s flying around these days, I would imagine everyone is rich by now. Everywhere you turn there’s some millionaire willing to give you something for free. And by “something” I mean The Golden Goose, Aladdin’s Lamp or the Golden Fish… or all three together. Yea, I’m talking about trading apps just like the one I’m reviewing today – The Calloway Software. Brace yourselves, Winter Money is coming!

money is coming


How The Calloway Software Can Change Your Life

Umm, I’ll tell you right from the start – it will not change your life, except make you a few hundred dollars poorer. But! If you read till the end, I will reveal a real life changer. Did you just scroll down at the end of the page? Got ya… I guess. Anyway, let’s get back to this gem of software: the presentation video starts with the same old’ same old’ about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, how much they’ve gained, how rich you can become by trading these coins and how the sky is the limit.

But how to do that? Thankfully this guy Calloway invented software that performs wonders and trades both cryptocurrencies and regular (Fiat) currencies. It’s a self-sustaining automated system that… hold on: self-sustaining?!? What does that even mean? How can software be self-sustaining? Does it automatically patch and update itself? Does it access the power grid in my apartment to keep itself running when I shut down my PC? Hum? What was that? It doesn’t? Then it’s not *effing* self-sustaining so stop using such words just to make it sound more interesting.

The Calloway Software is Not Good


The Calloway Software Guy – I Ain’t Buying It

Here I am, listening to this guy, halfway through his video and he starts with Bitcoin again… history, price… WOW, so high, to the Moon. When are these guys gonna understand that Bitcoin’s price performance doesn’t have anything to do with their software? If Bitcoin is performing well, doesn’t mean their app does as well!

In an attempt to sound like an experienced trader, the dude then asks if we’ve heard of Moving Averages and other indicators, including the Stochastic. It’s like: “Look at me I know all these names. Ha! Told you to trust me. See what an expert I am?” But he makes the ultimate mistake by mispronouncing “Stochastic”… in a bad way that I cannot reproduce in writing. I’ve been a trader for about 10 years now, so I’ve used and heard the term Stochastic thousands of times probably, and seeing some guy trying to look pro when he actually doesn’t know what Stochastic is, is actually pretty funny to me. Maybe not to you, but what you must understand from all this is that you are not dealing with some trading expert who developed amazing software. It’s all smoke and mirrors!

Allegedly these indicators were combined into amazing strategies that send signals and then the semi-auto trader places trades. Not sure how that works actually or what a semi-auto trade is. Does it place the trade or not? Or maybe it just sends out a signal/alert? It’s either signals or auto trading? Make up your mind, Calloway.


Here Comes Something New!

Just when I was getting sick of him spouting the same dung as every other robot creator before him, this guy made my day and offered me something new. Still stupid, but new. Hear this: out of the first 200 users of the software, they will hire sales managers, webmasters, customer service and more. The reason: they want to work with real traders…

The Calloway Software


OK, there are two things majorly wrong here. Firstly, he said numerous times in the video that you don’t need to have any trading experience and the software was designed for total noobs in the business. And now you make those noobs look like experienced traders? You can’t “sell” a software saying it’s for people with zero experience and then say you want to hire those exact people because of their extensive experience. Come on!

And secondly, why would I want a job if your software makes me more than 3 thousand US Dollars per day? Really, WHY?

The Calloway Software scam


Let’s Get Real – The Calloway Software is a No-No

This Calloway thing is nothing different than the tons of other robots available online. They all make you filthy rich and they are all free, usually with a twist: it’s free now but when the time/spots limit is up, you will have to pay for it. In reality, the software will always be free as long as the website is running. And it will stop running when enough people realize it’s a scam. How can it be a scam if it’s free, you ask? Here’s how: once you sign up with the magic software, you are redirected to their affiliated broker and will have to deposit at least $250 if you want to use the robot. Still your money, but it will be used for trading. The robot guys will get a commission when you open an account with the broker and then your trading money will be lost by the robot or the broker’s account managers. That’s how it works, so it’s probably high time you start learning how to trade if you are serious about making money in this business.