Trading Binary Options for Experienced Traders – College Section College: Separating Traders from Newbies

So I’m in College… What’s next? Oh, I know, I’m gonna join the “Let’s get wasted all day, every day” fraternity, experiment with every alcohol mix that goes through my head until I get delusions of being a Golden God, miss classes and basically have the best years of my life. If I finally manage to graduate, I will get a boring J-O-B (Just Over Broke), I will obey my boss, follow society’s rules and anxiously await my payday. Retirement is just around the corner… and there goes my life. Sounds… amazing? Sorry, but to me, it doesn’t.

Ok, but are there any alternatives? YES! You can choose to “take the bull by the horns”, to be the one in control of your own life and income and to make your own decisions. You can be free! You can be whatever you want to be and your journey began when you started to learn in “Preschool”. Well, now it’s time to go to College and maybe join an exclusive club once you graduate:


The “Delta Vega Theta” Club: College Graduates Only!

As opposed to the other fraternity I talked about earlier, the Delta Vega Theta Club is composed of Traders, people who already know what Contracts For Difference and Binary Options are and how to trade, but they want to take their skills one step further. Well, ThatSucks College is the best way to do that because it’s the place where you will find advanced and expert strategies, tools and indicators.

If you think you can jump straight into College without first going through Preschool and Primary School, you might want to think twice because you will probably find yourselves overwhelmed with the level of information available here. As I said, it’s a place for people who already trade, but want to improve their skills. In other words, build your foundation as a trader in the Preschool and Primary School, learn the basics like Types of Binary Options, Intro to Online Trading, Money Management, Charting and Analyzing or Types of Charts and only then move to the advanced section (yes, this one right here). So far we’ve discussed more general stuff, we’ve laid the foundation of the house and now it’s time to “move-in”. It’s time to start trading and hopefully start making money.

All you’ve read so far was necessary because the online trading world is not just about trading so you will also have to deal with crooked brokers, scam dream sellers, autotraders/bots that claim to make you rich and whatnot. All that can derail you from your path and make it harder for you to reach your goal so it’s important to be prepared. Now, that you are almost bulletproof against BS and scam, it’s time to turn you into a trading animal, a beastrader and you will do so with the help of the College section. Here we actually start talking about real trading, strategies for both newbies and advanced traders but also about the technical and fundamental parts of trading.

Handling an advanced strategy is similar to trying to go full throttle in a 600 BHP car without having any professional driver training. Well, strap in and rev your engines because you’re about to get for trading the equivalent of professional driver training. The level of complexity is increased and so is the experience required in order to use those strategies. That’s why the College is for traders who already found a broker, they trade on a regular basis and place their trades after a thorough analysis, not just based on gut feeling. You should start going through the ThatSucks College once you learned how to master your emotions, how to manage your risks and to protect yourselves against scammers and “gurus” who promise you riches beyond imagination.


One More Step to Becoming a PRO

To make the long story short, you are now in the Big League and you know how to handle yourself in the online trading jungle, but you feel there is more you need to know in order to take your trading to another level. In other words, it’s the place where men separate from boys, real traders separate from gamblers and wannabes. It’s no walk in the park, but once you “graduate” you will get a chance to join the best club of them all: the “Delta Vega Theta” Club. That reminds me: I never told you what the club is all about, who can join and why would you want to join. First of all, to join you have to graduate from ThatSucks College and second, all members are PROFITABLE traders and treat trading like a business. Why join? I think the question answers itself. If you want to make a living trading online, educate yourselves, work hard and believe in your chances of success. Then, we will be happy to welcome you to the Delta Vega Theta Club!

Begin your Journey now…