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  • HBSwiss

  • Return: $278,430 /Month
    Price: Free*
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Robot Name: HBSwiss
Founded: 2016
Type: Robot
Price: Free*
Return: $278,430 /Month
Trading: FX, BO
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: Up to Broker

HBSwiss Review

by Martin Kay

Hans and Bastian… the creators of HBSwiss. These two guys are going to change your future! Yeah, just wait and see. By the time you finish reading this review, you will realize how easy it is to make money: just push a button on the HBSwiss Trading Robot and all your problems are magically solved. When you become a millionaire don’t forget about me. Send a few thousand bucks my way… after all, I opened your eyes about this app. Nah, forget it. I can use the app too and we will all be rich.

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What is HB Swiss And How To Stay Away From It

HBSwiss Trading Robot has a long story that I will make short: Hans, who is now a big shot trader, meets Bastian, his bro from college or high school or whatever. Bastian is a physicist, worked at CERN, he also knows quantum physics and is a wizard with computers… in other words:

HB investment

Hans is successful but he spends too much time at work and doesn’t get to spend time with his wife and kids, wants to automate his trading, starts working on HB Swiss Trading App with Bastian, three months go by… Wham Bam, Thank You Mam – HB Swiss achieves 87% accuracy and they are all happy. End of story.

Come to think of it, why should I use this HB Swiss robot when we know there are others with 95% or 99.8% accuracy or whatever… heck maybe there’s one out there with 110% accuracy. Really, if you believe 99% accuracy in trading is possible, then you might as well believe that 110% is also possible.


Look at him – definitely a millionaire… but where’s Bastian??? Oh, I know: it was too expensive to hire 2 actors.


HBSwiss Wants to Share for Free?!? But Why?

After developing the Holy Grail, what’s the next logical step? Share it with the masses, of course (duh!). And as you’ve probably imagined, the HB Swiss Trading Robot is free, just like every other scam – oh sorry, I meant “trading app” – out there. All these scammers – sorry, I mean software developers – come out with different reasons why their scam – ah, there I go again – is free. Some say it’s because they want to pay it forward to the world, to show appreciation for the good life they are living, to help people in need, to prove to their high school sweetheart they are awesome, or simply because they have too much money.

However, this dude’s reason is weirdly funny: he wants to get financing through the KickStarter platform. So let me see if I got this straight: his software makes 5K per day but he needs to make money through KickStarter. Why? Ohh, to further develop the software… hmm, so this is an unfinished product?

HB do a kickstarter-min

Don’t forget an important fact: you have to act fast, because there are only 10 spots daily. If you miss the opportunity… guess what: you’ll have to wait till next day to get rich.


The Creators: Actors And Fiction

If you manage to go through all the cr4p on their website and get to the bottom of it, you will notice a small word: Disclaimer. It is an amazing word, that holds the KEY to all this story about the million making software. Here’s part of what you’ll find when you click on it:

The HBSwiss sales video is fictitious and was produced to portray the potential of the HBSwiss 3rd party signals software. Actors have been used to present this opportunity and it should be viewed for entertainment purposes.

Ok, you got that? Hans is an actor, his name is not Hans, he is not a millionaire or even a trader! The sales video is fictitious. Thank you for confirming everything I’ve been saying for so long. But it gets even better:

Information on HBSwiss should not be seen as a recommendation to trade binary options… Information on the website is not, nor should it be seen as investment advice. Clients without sufficient knowledge should seek individual advice from an authorized source.

Whaaaat? You say this is an automated trading software that places trades for me based on your super-quantum-magic and then you tell me you are not offering financial advice?? You are trading my money, so how are you NOT offering investment advice?

HB investment truth


What The Real Users Have To Say About HBSwiss

Surprisingly enough, there’s not much noise about this robot online and finding a real user review was pretty difficult. Here’s what I managed to find in the comments of a YouTube video that exposes HB Swiss as a scam:

HBSwiss Erik Complaint

After “dodging the bullet” of depositing and losing his money, Roy is now blasted with phone calls meant to make him deposit. This is nothing new for the video creator, who knows how these things work. But notice he is recommending another “safe and reliable” trading app… and just below (not shown here) he recommends another one. I have no idea whether those apps are any good or not, but this is something to take under consideration: many “exposers of scams” will just use the opportunity to get you on-board with their affiliate robot. Now I am not saying that this guy is ill-willed; what I am saying is that you should always do your research and not just blindly jump in because some internet guy said so.

And here is one of two user reviews on Trustpilot (the other is simply advertising for a so-called scam-recovery service and from our experience, most of those are scams as well):

HBSwiss Complaint Youtube

I have to admit his English makes it rather hard to understand but from what I gather, he lost 5,000 EUR to TraderVC, which is (or was) one of HB Swiss’ recommended brokers. The software didn’t work so he trusted the broker’s account managers with the trading. Bad idea! We’ve been saying it all along: if you really want to trade, learn to do it on your own or go to a certified financial advisor.


Conclusion: Isn’t It Obvious?

The same story gets told over and over again but unfortunately, I think there are still people out there who believe it’s real. Guy finds/invents an app that makes millions and then wants to share it with us for different reasons (all of them stupid if you ask me). The truth behind all of these stories is they actually want you to deposit with their recommended broker, so they can get a referral/affiliate commission. However, HB Swiss guys don’t only recommend a brokerage, they shove it down your throat because once you’ve entered your details on their website, you are automatically registered with BinaryOnline, a brokerage from Bulgaria, which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence (to say the least). Don’t believe in fairy tales, guys!