Binary Options Marketing Wars – Boldly Advertise the Way Nobody Did Before!

Get your war gear on guys, because when you decide to trade Binary Options or any other instrument, you are not only going against the market but also against an army of marketers and advertisers. Their main purpose: to make you deposit. Your task: to see through all the bull$H27 and trade with a safe broker.



How Brokers Advertise To Get You Deposit!

Advertising is a big part of doing business but the way it’s done is sometimes wrong. Well, in the Binary options industry it’s almost always wrong. The worst I’ve seen is a Binary Options website that featured three blonde girls with…very few clothes on. I’m not going to say the name of that website because I don’t want anyone visiting it and giving them internet traffic. It’s best they remain in a dark corner of the internet. Sites like these scream “Stay away” so loud that I can hear it from Romania, but there is another epic fails at advertising. Are you familiar with the slogan “We focus on what really counts. You.”? Yes, my “favorite” slogan… First of all, they don’t have the common sense of using “who” instead of “what”… after all, we are not objects, we are people. But I don’t want to turn this into a grammar lesson for brokers. The point is that I see this slogan all over the internet and what it tells me is that Binary Options brokers really don’t care about how they present themselves and assume that copying each other is a good marketing strategy. Isn’t it normal to create your own slogan and not copy another? Think about an Adidas commercial and imagine it saying at the end “Just Do It!” That would be awkward, wouldn’t it?


The purpose of advertising should be to show off your strong points and what makes you different from all the other businesses in the same field but some brokers fail to see that and think that all advertising is good. Well actually, the marketing of a company tells a lot about them. Take TopOption for example: their advertising is not aggressive, they don’t show yachts and supercars on their homepage to appeal to your “get rich quick” inner self. Instead, they show a handsome guy telling us that 1 on 1 training gave a good boost to his trading career. The message is that young and beautiful people make money with TopOption so it is something a potential client wants to be a part of.


Next they show a young female model. She’s not a Barbie-like model, with a lot of makeup and tight clothing; instead, she looks more like the girl next door, a girl I can trust. Actually, I don’t think she is really trading Binary Option so I’m not so sure I can trust her…


The older guy, with grey hair and a lot of experience is the next entry in their slideshow, suggesting financial stability and showing me that trading with TopOption is safe, reliable and trustworthy. Older people are usually known to be less impulsive and more cautious with their investments so if this guy trades here, I should do it too…

 Finally we have an African American girl, suggesting that people all over the world are trading with TopOption. Not only that, but she also finds it quick and simple so any new trader will find a home here.

You may know that TopOption is one of our recommended brokers, but let me tell you, their marketing is not what got them that spot on our shortlist. Ever since internet marketing was invented, the first and most used tactic is Testimonials. Yea, those little quotes from what appears to be real people telling us how we can lose weight using “a little-known secret”, get a perfectly sculpted body or make money online. Almost all products have testimonials to back them up and to be honest I never trusted those testimonials. Why? Because almost all the time, those people are just actors. If they are actors but the broker (or company I’m dealing with) tells me they are real traders, it means we are starting our collaboration with a lie. So they have the guts to lie to my face and then ask for my money. Hmm… bad tactics if you ask me. Oh and just to make sure everybody knows that old guy is an actor, here’s a link where he advertises some prostate healing product: I also found him on an insurance related website and I must admit I didn’t look for the other three persons, but you get the picture: they are not real traders, just actors/models.



The Dog That Barks…

Real traders… actors… it doesn’t matter because the whole Testimonial tactic should be replaced entirely. Don’t get me wrong, TopOption is a Top broker and that’s why it is recommended by (former; at least they don’t show a limousine and a red carpet like other brokers do and they have the common sense of toning down their marketing strategies. If I was to continue the war analogy used in the beginning of this article, I would compare an aggressively advertising broker with a skinny and inexperienced boy inside an oversized armor smeared with blood who shouts battle cries trying to hide his lack of power by looking frightening. Don’t be fooled by advertising and remember that usually a dog that barks doesn’t bite.