Trader’s Tales – Igor the (Occasionally Drunk) Shark

From Hero to Zero

The last story is about a Ukrainian client I had dealt with, Igor. Igor was very promising, very clever but impulsive like a devil. He deposited 1000$ and straight away opened a single trade for 1000$ and won. 2 days later he called me back and says he would like to withdraw all of his money, he was up to 4k already and didn’t use any bonuses or insurances of some sort, hence he was entitled to all of the money so I explained him the procedure and the documents he needs to send us. 12 minutes later, I received all the documents, strange how people become super efficient when it comes to withdrawing money. I called Igor and told him that everything was received, but he needs to wait no 24hpurs for his docs to be verified and approved by our financial department, Igor politely said he will wait and that’s how our conversation ended. Next day noon time, I get a massage from FD saying all was approved; Igor can now make a withdrawal request. I opened his account and choked down a burst of laugh when I saw he had a big black fat ZERO where I yesterday saw a bit more than 4k… Igor doesn’t answer his phone until late afternoon, and says he doesn’t remember much. He remembers fighting with his girlfriend, chasing her out of the house, taking a bottle of stoli (common standard quality Russian vodka, or like they say vodka…) out the freezer and sitting next to his laptop. He woke up, so he tells me, 5 minutes earlier with keyboard marks all over his face and drawl all over his keyboard. Shit happens; Igor deposited another k and quickly earned back what he had lost. I also think that today Igor is a single man.



A lesson to Be Told

Always trade sober, never trade with a woman yelling next to you, and most importantly, be calm. If you’re angry\sad\frustrated or just having a shitty day, don’t trade. Your day will get shittier. When sitting next to your computer, trading, you need to be confidant, focused and sharp. Pretending to be a winner will turn you into a winner, the same way as laying in your bed and pretending to be asleep, soon makes you fall asleep. It’s a funny comparison, but it’s true. Need more reasons why you shouldn’t drink and trade? Read this funny article about drinking and trading binary options.



About Me

Every day as an account manager/broker/analyst/friend you get to deal with different, unique and special people. Rich, poor, clever or not, Eskimo, Semite or Caucasian, all sharing the same purpose in the trading world. Call it getting paper, chips, cheddar; it’s all about making that money. We are all humans (I think…) therefore we all make human mistakes when racing for money, it’s inevitable. Like an old Chinese philosopher once said “get rich or die trying”… My name is Thomas White, let me help you make money or at least, let me amuse you with stories about people trying to make money.