Bitcoin Robot 2.0
Bad! Don't use 1/10
  • Bitcoin Robot 2.0

  • Return: up to 100%/ Month
    Price: from $19/ Month
Robot Name: Bitcoin Robot 2.0
Founded: 2017
Type: Robot
Price: from $19/ Month
Return: up to 100%/ Month
Trading: BO
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: from $100
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Bitcoin Robot 2.0 Review

by Martin Kay

Wait a minute, we don’t need to review this… We have already done it! Or did we… I mean, look at this review of the Bitcoin Code and tell me this is not the same scam with a slightly different approach and name? Visit both websites and compare the two. Even the background image and design are very similar. The only difference here is that one is trying to get you to sign up to a scam broker while the other wants to sell you a robot for a high fee. Does it mean that the Bitcoin Robot 2.0 is good because it does not require a broker signup? Read on to find out!

Bitcoin robot 2 suck
“When the global economy is on the verge of collapse…” …blab la bla, let me complete that sentence: “that’s when it’s easy to lure desperate people to pay for a scam like this.”


BTC Robot 2.0 What is it?

The pitch video is smart because it diverts the focus from the robot itself and focuses on Bitcoin. Instead of mentioning how the robot works and who the developers are and about their backgrounds or any proof; they talk about Bitcoin which in itself is not a scam and it is indeed gaining value and has made a lot of people who invested in it real money. So yes, it’s easy to get distracted like that and forget about why we are even at the BTC Robot website. We are not here to be told whether Bitcoin is good or not, we already know that. We are here to discover yet another “get rich quick and easy” scheme – remember that.

Bitcoin robot 2 suck


Our common sense should tell us that regardless of whether the robot is going to trade FX, Binary Options or Cryptocurrencies, the process is similar. Just like any kind of trading, you need to get educated and gain experience. You can’t expect a robot to make you money with no effort. Make no mistake, just because they labeled it Bitcoin instead of Binary Options does not change anything. This is a binary options trading robot. There are many more videos on the page, what they all have in common is that none of them mention how and who came up with this robot that can make you money effortlessly.


Undeniable Proof! Hah…

Just before my finger was getting tired of scrolling down (this site is so loooooooooong), I saw that they actually do have a video titled “Undeniable proof of the Bitcoin Robot”. That’s a nice claim so let’s see what this is all about!

Bitcoin robot 2 scam


Ehm… that’s not proof. That’s the Bitcoin Robot platform created by yourself which means you can show us anything you want on it – regardless of being recorded by a camera or via screen recording. PS, this is the Internet, they can make a cartoon animation of anything they want. Do they think we are that dumb? No, they think we are so greedy we will believe anything. Keep reading and you will find out what they really think about you!

Bitcoin robot 2 complain

“It’s Good Because It’s From Russian Programmers” – that’s the answer we can find on their site about how the robot works and why

it can deliver what it promises. Oh and also that there are 3800 lines of code which make this robot so damn good *claim*… So… let me see here. If I make a software with 3801 lines of codes and move to Russia, then I am gonna have a better robot and make more money? And by the way, 3800 lines isn’t crap when it comes to a really useful algorithm.

Bitcoin Robot 2.0 scam

More codes = good robot that actually cracks the market rythm?


Of course, as per usual, there are the fake testimonial images taken from the web and the reviews are written by themselves. If this robot was actually working, it would not be any trouble to connect it to third-party verification and have it analyzed on a daily basis. With a little bit of Googling you will find comment after comment coming from unsatisfied customers who actually were naïve enough to buy this robot.


Making Money Off of Your Greed!

Take a look at this:

Bitcoin robot 2 complain
Told you to keep reading and find out what they think of you, the customer.


“Human Greed methodology” – Now this is the honest truth! The BTC Robot programmer, “Igor” (yeah right… as if that’s his real name) wants to make money off of greedy people who chase easy money. That’s what they really meant to say and that’s how the robot works – for them, and not for the greedy investors getting tricked into this scam. They want you to think the robot targets greedy people for you, what it really does is target you and lure you into this web of deceit.

By the way, in order to get this robot working you need to download and install their software. Yes, things never go wrong when you randomly download something from a shady non-regulated website that promises quick and easy money… just saying . . .cough cough malware spyware virus cough cough.

Bitcoin robot 2 suck
Profit – Thums Up. Right… download it today and quit your job tomorrow. Don’t forget to buy a private Island while you are at it.

Bitcoin robot 2 scam


No Trial – High Fees

Hurray, let’s pay 400 bucks just to see whether this is a scam or not. Or maybe we pay zero and use our common sense and our research as we have been doing in this article and stay far away from this. No need to take my words for it, take a look at the poor souls who lost money using the “BTC Robot Scam – Lost Money”.


Knowledge – A Better Approach

Forget about the BTC Robot 2.0 or whatever future version they are gonna spit out. You are seriously better off just buying Bitcoin for that 400 bucks and keeping it for a few years. The final verdict is this: The BTC Robot is not gonna make you money. We don’t really even know what kind of autotrader this is, what it analyzes, who made it and how and we have no track record of this either. It’s all just a bunch of claims and hype about Bitcoin to get you interested. Don’t get fooled. Want to trade cryptocurrencies? You are not alone, discuss with people who have actual knowledge in the CommuniTraders forum!