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  • Delta Tech

  • Return: $22k/ day
    Price: Free*
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Robot Name: Delta Tech
Founded: 2018
Type: Robot
Price: Free*
Return: $22k/ day
Trading: CFD, Bitcoin
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: Up to Broker

Delta Tech Review

by Martin Kay

Delta Tech, also known as Delta App, is a service that is offered by Jake who claims to be a multimillionaire. He used to work for NASA and is now using GPS and satellite resources to operate his 100% winning software. With zero risk, we can make at least 22,005 per day – Guaranteed. It all sounds juicy until you start to think about it, then it just falls apart like the awful scam Delta Tech is.

You are missing out on the girls on the Yacht!
You are missing out on the girls on the Yacht! Hurry and sign up, 10 spots left or you will miss out on getting scammed…


Delta Tech – The Lie Begins

Let’s start with this so-called ”Jake” who is obviously just an actor reading his lines. He claims to have worked for NASA and that he gave an interview on Forbes. Well, those are lies and we don’t need to call NASA nor Forbes to confirm that. It is all exposed in their own website disclaimer:

Using actors
Emphasis on “Using Actors”

Fake Jake
Yeah, give me the link to that Forbes article please, I would love to read it…


That’s right, as it is mentioned in the disclaimer, there is no Jake. He is an actor and the 35 minute pitch video is just advertisement. In fact, some of the images shown in the video have appeared in other autotrader scam videos. For example, this one has been used many times:

Hmm… is this a rebranded recycled scam?
Hmm… is this a rebranded recycled scam?


So, the video is fake and there is no rich guy named Jake, no NASA engineer and certainly no multimillionaire. Then what is the goal here? What is the Delta Tech App about?

He claims to be hacking NASA
So, if this guy used to work for NASA and he quit, how is he still using NASA tech to give us trades? Is he hacking NASA or something? Yeah that’s right, made up stories are not supposed to make sense.


You Lose Money – Delta Tech Earns Money!

Let’s get the facts straight, all they want is your money to be deposited with a bucket shop broker which in turn steals it and gives it to the people behind the Delta Tech scam! How do we know this? Well, once again the disclaimer itself is honest and tells us the truth which is the only positive thing on their website.

No assurance of success and earnings
By the way, no assurance of success and earnings? Really? But you promised 22,005 per day!


That’s right, your money is what makes these scammers rich, not a 100% winning autotrader that is earning 22,005 per day and resulting in exponential growth. That would be impossible. By the way, notice how they forget about their own lies! At the top of the page, they promise 1350$ something per day while in the video they promise you will NOT earn anything below 22,005/day hence the extra 5 dollars on top of the 22,000. I guess it can be hard to keep up with your own lies.


Nothing Special Here…

Nothing to see here folks, there is no super advanced NASA Tech picking trades for you. The robot itself is yet again another whitelabel robot under this new brand “Delta Tech”. Like mentioned above, the goal is to send you to a bad broker.

Who are these people?


One of the brokers they want us to sign up with is called “cryptomusu” which is an unregulated broker with no reputation. Think about it, where is the company registered? Who are these people? And I mean both the broker and the Delta Tech people… Yeah, good luck finding any information on them that is not fake.
Did you know that according to any financial authority out there, one of the biggest signs of a financial scam is offers such as “trading with zero risk” and “80-100% winning systems” and similar offers!


Same Old Scammers? Guess What!

Often, when we do such reviews, we find clues that are linked to scammers from other easy money scams. Remember I wrote that some images from the video seem to be recycled from other scams? Turns out, one of the actresses is recycled too. The girl in the video who was acting so surprised and glad in the video. Check it out below:

Fake Julia from Quantum Income Machine
She looks familiar… where have we seen her before? Think… think…
Oh, that’s right, isn’t she “Julia” or rather “was Julia” from Quantum Income Machine?

Oh snap! Sorry, the shorter hair didn’t fool us…
Oh snap! Sorry, the shorter hair didn’t fool us…


How come she abandoned Quantum Income Machine for Delta Tech? Well, because she is an actress and not an actual trader. There you go, one more fact revealed.
On the Quantum Income Machine scam, she told us: “You WILL get rich, if you obey what I’m telling you to do right now”… of course, this was no different than the current Delta Tech scam. The goal was the same, to get us to deposit with a scam broker! The only difference this time is that, instead of Binary Options, the focus seems to be CFD’s and Cryptocurrencies.


When it’s too good to be true

You know what they say, when it’s too good to be true then there is something fishy going on. Therefore, you must do your research properly! Sounds too good? Is easy money promised? Then start asking how and why and who. Scammers use the lure of wealth and risk of missing out to make you not question the service and focus on the easy money part instead. But rest assured that we are here and we will keep exposing the scams we come across. Found a service that you think is a scam? Tell us about it in CommuniTraders Forum.