• DeltaExchange

  • Regulated:  No
Exchange Name: DeltaExchange
Founded: 2018
Regulated: No
Ease of Use: Medium
Volume: Very Low
Fees: Medium to Low
US Traders: Not Accepted
Mobile: No
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DeltaExchange Review

by Martin Kay

Why Delta.Exchange Sucks In 50 Words

There’s a blatant lack of transparency and that alone makes this exchange suck in a big way. There is no company name, only an address, which can simply be a virtual office. The “Who we are” page only mentions that DeltaExchange was launched in 2018 and that it’s “the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Asian countries”. It is unclear why they consider themselves the largest, or how they came to that conclusion, or who gave them that moniker.


Why Delta.Exchange Doesn’t Suck In 50 Words

Low fees. Trading fees are as low as 0.01% and withdrawal fees are 0.1%. Some exchanges will charge fees of up to 0.25% for trading and a flat fee for withdrawing; even if that flat fee is small, it can get quite annoying if you want to make smaller withdrawals so having low fees expressed in percentages is a positive.


Is Delta.Exchange A Scam?

Do not mistake for The latter is a crypto derivatives exchange (offers crypto trading with leverage) and is not related to the one currently under review ( But getting back to the subject, DeltaExchange seems a bit “deserted” and some stuff is quite worrying. For example, their trollbox (chat room available on the platform) is full of people complaining that their withdrawals are pending for MONTHS.

The website itself is sprinkled with spelling mistakes like “re-capatcha” instead of re-captcha, “Asisa” instead of Asia, and more… quite disappointing for the “largest cryptocurrency exchange”. And on top of that, they claim to be regulated “by many countries across Asisa”. Really?! Can we see some proof maybe?


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Should I Open An Account With Delta.Exchange?

Delta.Exchange is a relatively unknown cryptocurrency exchange, focused on customers from Asian countries and offering more than 30 coins to buy and sell. This is not a CFD broker that offers crypto trading, but an exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, with the full ownership change. The name of the owning company is not specified anywhere on the website, which is a little weird, to be honest, but they list a London address, which we couldn’t verify. The exchange is not regulated.

This is a relatively new crypto exchange but while some of the newer exchanges show promise and desire to develop into a market leader, DeltaExchange seems to be on its last legs. To give the short answer: no, we don’t think that you should open an account with DeltaExchange, but let’s dig deeper and see why.

The trading platform itself is alright, with charts provided by TradingView and the possibility to add technical indicators, drawings, to change timeframes, etc. – all the basic technical analysis tools. But the problem is that the daily volume for ETH/BTC was 31 BTC at the time of writing, and the only order available on the platform was a Buy for 0.21 BTC. Other cryptocurrencies showed ZERO volume and ZERO orders for either Buy or Sell. On top of that, the chatbox is filled with complaints about withdrawals pending from July 2019 (the client was writing in 2020, Feb 18). Sorry, but I think that money is gone.

The education section is a mixed bag of information, with some articles talking about DeltaExchange being a crypto derivatives platform that allows trading with leverage, which is simply not the case. Other materials are just mindboggling and confusing: “If you wish to trade in digital currencies, you’re visiting would like a platform on that to trade them, associate degreed a go-between to speak with the network.” I am sorry… what??? That doesn’t constitute education or even readable content.

To conclude, DeltaExchange is a bottom-tier exchange, with low volumes, unfounded claims of being regulated and being the largest exchange in Asia, almost no trading activity and withdrawals pending for months. It’s safe to say that you should stay away if you value your coins.

The address listed on the website is KEMP HOUSE, 160 CITY ROAD, London, United Kingdom, EC1V NX and the email address is [email protected].


Delta.Exchange Online Presence And Reputation

There is absolutely nothing online about this exchange and a Google search just returned results about Delta.Exchange (the derivatives crypto exchange that we talked about earlier). As for their reputation, it’s safe to say that it’s very low, considering all the clients screaming to get their money back.


Delta.Exchange Special Features

Apart from the terrible writing, numerous mistakes, and lack of trading activity, DeltaExchange doesn’t have any special features. They have their own coin called DLTX, but on the platform, nobody is buying it and the purpose of this coin is unknown.


Delta.Exchange Overall Ratings


User Friendliness 13/20

The website is only available in English, with information that is hard to find and with a lack of transparency. The platform is acceptable but there’s no trading activity on it. Mobile platforms are not available.


Range Of Markets And Volume 12/20

There are 22 available pairs to trade but the individual assets are far less, which is definitely disappointing for crypto exchange, considering that any respectable exchange has a few hundred pairs to trade. Volume is extremely low, borderline non-existent, hence the low score in this category.


Fees 14/20

Most trading fees are 0.01%, which is on the low side. Withdrawal fees are 0.1%, which is a fair percentage. These low fees are about the only good thing but considering the low trading volumes, I don’t know what good it will do.


Deposits And Withdrawals 11/20

Only some cryptocurrencies have a minimum deposit amount, which will be specified on the Deposit page; the rest – deposit as low as you want. The big problem is the withdrawal part: clients are waiting for their withdrawals since 2019. I don’t think that’s normal and this is not an isolated incident. There are too many clients in the DeltaExchange chat room to ignore, but then again, DeltaExchange reps are ignoring them so…


DeltaExchange Extras 12/20

They have their own coin called DLTX but it doesn’t serve any purpose. Some exchanges cut fees to half if you use their coin or give some sort of incentive, but this is not the case with DLTX.


Delta.Exchange Overall Rating: 62/100

Warning!: Notice!: This Exchange has been rated average by our Staff. Start your trading career with a Top Rated Broker Now!.