• EasyXP

  • Bonus: 50
  • Options Payout: 70-85%
  • Rating: 1 / 10
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Broker Name: EasyXP
Platform: Tech
Founded: 2013
Bonus: 50
Return/Refund: 75-80%/0-10%
No. Of Assets: 80
Regulated:   No
Demo Account: Yes
Minimum Deposit: 200
US Traders:   Not Accepted

EasyXP Review

by Martin Kay

Important Notice!!! EasyXP is now RegalOptions.


Editor’s Note – Why does EasyXP Suck in 50 Words?

On the Homepage they state they are “Global Options & Forex Leader”… Of course they are a “Leader” because nowadays all I see are leaders of the industry. Maybe someone should explain to them the meaning of the word. Anyway, that’s not the main problem, but the misleading nature of the quoted phrase is: from that statement one could easily understand that Forex trading is available. When I contacted EasyXP asking if I can trade Forex with them, they told me that I can trade Options on currencies. These are two very different things and EasyXP seemed misleading right from the start.


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Why EasyXP doesn’t Suck?

Although I don’t really like the white template they use for the website, I must admit it’s pretty well organized. Once you click the FAQ section at the top, on the left hand side you will see quite a big amount of information regarding education, banking, legal and others. It’s not something outstanding but it’s good to have all the info at hand.



EasyXP Full Review – Easy… If you don’t Ask Too Many Questions

One of the first things I do when I start reviewing a broker is check to see who I am dealing with: what’s their address, information about the owning company, etc. So I landed on the “About us” page where I could read that “EasyXP is a subsidiary of Simple Trade, a company founded in 2008…” Not too much information if you ask me, but it was a good start… or so I thought at the time. Next, I visited their “Contact us” page and I got another name and an address this time: Afact Solutions. Of course, the logical question was “Who am I really dealing with?” And what is the relationship between Afact Solutions, Simple Trade and EasyXP? After a quick Google search I found out that Afact Solutions also owns Finopex and Option Ground… not exactly top tier material in my opinion, but hey, everybody’s a leader these days.


My query made to a Live Chat representative about the relationship between the three entities got me nowhere and I was politely asked to send them an e-mail for further questions… That almost always translates into “You are never going to get a real answer… but send us an e-mail if it makes you feel better”. I was also told that I don’t know the difference between “subsidiary” and “owning” and when I adopted the attitude “Ok, I’m stupid, so teach me”, I was told again to… send an e-mail.


The platform used by EasyXP is provided by Tech Financials. Notice the bolded “is” – that’s because Live Chat representatives told me their platform is powered by Tradologic and I insisted it looks like a Tech Financials platform. However, they were certain they are using Tradologic so I didn’t want to be the one who tells them there’s no Santa Claus. Check for yourselves or just take my word for it: the trading platform layout looks like the one used by 24Option which is known to use the Tech platform. Furthermore, on the Tech Financials official webpage, EasyXP is listed as a partner and on the Tradologic website, it isn’t. So, if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck… it’s a duck. Joking aside, the platform is pretty user friendly but the charts are too small. However, almost all brokers have this chart problem so we are still hoping the day comes when we can trade Binary Options directly from Meta Trader.


The FAQ section is pretty comprehensive and well organized, but their educational material lacks substance and is focused rather on emphasizing the advantages of Binary Options than on actually teaching you how to trade. Overall EasyXP was a pretty disappointing and dull experience: they don’t bring anything new to the table, no special features, no outstanding payouts or great education. Although information exists about their owning company, I consider them too secretive when it comes to explaining the relation between the three names appearing on their website. Not the worst I’ve seen, but not among the top either and I couldn’t find something that could make me open an account with them. So would I recommend them to a friend? Not by a long shot.



Is EasyXP a Scam?

This is always a complicated question because we would need hard evidence before we can consider that a company is clearly a Scam. At the moment, the available information doesn’t point towards EasyXP being a scam, but I don’t really see the point of opening three similar brokerage websites (EasyXP, Finopex and Option Ground are all owned by Afact Solutions). Maybe instead of managing three websites, they should focus on perfecting only one and turning that website into a real market leader… unless they are planning something else. Or maybe they are just spreading their risk by having three websites.


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EasyXP Complaints

No major complaints were found when searching on forums, chat rooms and review websites but instead, we found positive reviews on a website called “easyxpreview.com”. Hmmm, I don’t think I can trust that positive review…


EasyXP Bonus    

The bonus depends on your first deposit but the maximum value listed on their website at the moment is 30% bonus for a deposit of $1000 to $5000. In order to withdraw the bonus you will have to trade 40 times the amount received; that’s a little too high compared to the industry’s average, but the bonus is low anyway so you won’t have to trade such a high volume before withdrawing it.


EasyXP Withdrawal

Withdrawals are available via Credit Card or wire transfer with one withdrawal per month being free of charge and consequent withdrawals within the same month incur a $30 fee. The minimum withdrawal is $200 and personal identification documents are required.



EasyXP Ratings

User Friendly 13/20

The platform is easy to use and intuitive and almost all information is nicely organized and structured. Unfortunately the website is available only in English so that’s definitely not user friendly for a trader who doesn’t speak it.


Number of assets and expiry times 13/20

Their Asset Index is composed of 12 Indices, 3 commodities, 16 currency pairs and 9 stocks. This is a pretty limited range but good enough for a new trader who is just getting familiar with the market. Also, some more experienced traders analyze and trade just a handful of assets so everything is good as long as EasyXP’s selection includes those. They allow 15 minute, half an hour, hourly and longer expiries and also 60 second trading.


Commissions, Support and Effective return 13/20

There is no fee for opening an account, but a dormant account will be charged 10% of the account balance per month and withdrawals are charged with a $30 fee (except the first withdrawal of the month). Live Chat representatives are pretty quick to respond and polite but they don’t really know what platform they are using and they don’t answer straightforward questions. The effective return ranges between 70% and 85%.


Deposit, Payment and Bonus 14/20

Deposits can be made via Credit Card, MoneyBookers or wire transfer, with the minimum deposit being $200. The payment processing time is 36 hours since the request is received by EasyXP but the money will be available in your account after a longer time. The bonus amount depends on your initial deposit and ranges between 10% (for deposits up to $499) and 30% (for deposits between $1000 and $5000). The wager is 40 times the bonus.  


Website Extras 7/20

Unfortunately we could not find anything that can be considered Extra. Nothing stands out as being innovative or rarely seen before. All the regular stuff like 60 seconds, rollover, close now…



EasyXP  Overall Ratings: 60/100

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