30K Challenge
Bad! Don't use 1/10
  • 30K Challenge

  • Return: $30k/ 30 days
    Price: Free*
Robot Name: 30K Challenge
Founded: 2017
Type: Robot
Price: Free*
Return: $30k/ 30 days
Trading: BO
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: Up to Broker
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30K Challenge Review

by Martin Kay

Uhmm… anyone remember the 30 Day challenge robot? You know, that scam that promised you would make a million dollars within 30 days? The names look familiar and I have a feeling the lies and promises we are about to hear are going to be very similar too. What I don’t understand is why we aren’t offered a million bucks in 30 days! I guess scammers these days are not that generous anymore… At least this guy will pay us $1000 just for signing up.

30K Challenge scam

Fake and Photoshopped testimonials. Bruce is not Bruce, that’s not Bob and Lola ain’t Lola.


30K Challenge to Earn 30K or Lose $250+?

Just like many other get rich quick scams, the 30K Challenge starts with a long video that tries to attract unsuspecting clients. It uses actors claiming to have made money through this service but there is no actual proof that can back up any of the stories. Of course, what they want is for you to make a deposit with their crooked broker. Oh, and the spots are limited so of course we have to act RIGHT NOW in order to get on board.

30K Challenge complain
100% Photoshopped is more like it.

Let’s see… It DOES start with a long video and there are fake testimonials, and only 25 spots left. Of course there are always 5 spots left, every time I go back to check. He even mentions in the video they want you (need you) to deposit with their recommended broker for automatic trading.


Want Real Proof? Watch What I discovered!

Here is some proof for you! Remember the BitCoin Code we reviewed recently? Yeah, we exposed that one as the scam it is with Photoshopped results. Check out that review if you don’t recall. Now check the image below taken from the 30K-Challenge site:

30K Challenge suck
This is the same image I found at thebitcoincode.com.


Go ahead, put them side by side and compare the images, look at the time stamps, the entries and payouts! It’s exactly the same. A fake image, generated to fool newbies and it’s used by multiple lazy scammers… It doesn’t really matter who copied the image from whom because we already discussed that those results are fake. Just look at how one tie shows a winner while further below in the same image another tie is shown as a loss… Bad editing is busted!

It could be and most likely is that the same people are behind both scams. These guys do this for a living, when one scam stops working it’s time to load up another one. Another similarity to the BitCoin Code scam is that the links to their terms and conditions and disclaimers don’t work. Of course they don’t, because that’s where they are by law required to tell you that everything on the page is fiction so I understand why they want to hide it.


Actors! Fake & Cheap Testimonials

As if the above wasn’t enough, there are several Fiverr/FiveSquid actors in the video. It’s needless to say they are paid 5 bucks to lie about making money with this service and that they have actually never invested a dollar in this. Don’t believe me? Well, spend a few minutes on Fivesquid.com and you will find most of these actors!

30K Challenge scam
30K-Challenged- Grimaces.


30K Challenge Platform Joey

Come on… did you really think that the picture below is of a Joey who found a formula that can make easy money on trading?

30K Challenge suck


Nah, that name is as fake as the secret formula itself. The picture below is just taken from an online image source called “depositphotos” and it has nothing to do with this binary options scam.


What about the $1000?

If this means the whole thing is fake and will fail, does that mean you can still get the guaranteed $1000 once you can show that you haven’t made 30K? Seriously? I hope you are not actually asking me this for real. First of all, that would mean their crooked broker depleted your account and it is they who will “give” you your refund, not Joey.  At the very “best” scenario, the broker will put a 1000 dollar bonus in your account which means you can’t withdraw anything, just trade away until you lose it all too.

Besides, how would you even find him in first place? Do you have his number? His email? Think about it, you don’t even know who these people are, where they live and no authority is watching them. They don’t tell you who they are on the website. They can promise anything and not honor it. This money-back-guarantee is a total lie and sadly, something we see all too often.


Easy Money – How Bad Things Happen

Easy money sounds awesome at first sight but it’s too often the beginning of losing money to scammers. Trading is hard work and it’s better done together with a community of traders where you can exchange ideas and make friends that you can learn from. It takes time to learn but the effort you make is the fun part of the journey. Your goal should be to think like an investor and control your money, not throw it at some random software online that tells you to “give us your money and go to bed”.