This Binary Options AutoTrader Will Change your Life in Just 30 Days!

This Will Change your Life in Just 30 Days – SCAM WARNING!

Do you dream of finding something that will change your life while browsing the web? Something effortless, honest and that doesn’t require an investment? Well, I hate to break it to you, you are being delusional. Don’t worry though, I have been in the same shoes at some point but I am here to share my experience and help you find the right path. In this article I will shine the light on one of these very common scams that take advantage of exactly those dreams I’ve mentioned. This one is called the “30 Day Change Program”. They claim it will make you up to 2 million dollars annually – no costs involved, and change your life forever! The problem is the change they may make for you is likely not the one you are looking for.


30 Day Change Program

First of all, what’s with the name of this site? It sounds like some scam weight loss program or secret system to turn your abs into a rock hard washboard. In my opinion this is the first sign of laziness and possible scam. Instead of making a new site they just re-used the same old platform and now, instead of losing 10 pounds in 30 days, you lose 10 dollars in 30 seconds for 30 days. I’ll bet you my binary options account that this guy used to sell fake “fat burn pills” to desperate housewives and plumps before moving on to scamming traders.


Visiting the “30 Day Change” website triggers one of those good old auto-play videos that keeps going on and on with their seemingly endless make you rich quick pitch. On the plus side, they don’t discriminate! You don’t have to be a hearing person to get the benefit of their system. They have a lady doing sign language translations, just so their scam doesn’t fall on deaf ears.


Okay, enough with the fun. What do these non-discriminating, thoughtful people have to offer us?
The dude calls himself Simon and apparently, a prestigious Swedish university invited him to develop a super fail-proof trading system. I live in Sweden and never heard of this relationship and don’t you think banks would be more interested and better capitalized to get involved in such businesses? His cover story says he likes to keep a low profile, that’s why we’ve never heard of his fake-ass name before. If this is true then how did the university find him in first place? I guess we can conclude this is a paradox! Which came first, the scammy chicken or his worthless strategy?


Something else that strikes me as false… There is no mention of binary options nor brokers on the video. After all, that is usually the catch to these free systems isn’t it? For someone who is trying to get people to deposit with a binary options broker you would at least expect them to mention binary… or options, or both, and have a mention to his “recommended” brokers. What I discovered, in order to get this “totally free” system, is that once you begin to sign up you will be directed to Bee Options where you have to make a deposit, total BS.


The fake testimonials are my favorite part, especially when they talk about the imaginary sums in their accounts. In case you didn’t know, these are all actors. To please the skeptics, I even found one of these actors on! His name is Bob and he appears 7 minutes into the video, claiming he has made $1,137.95 cents in 7 hours and his earnings have never stopped. Hahaha, really? Then why is he still working on Fiverr for 5$ a pop? If the system is that successful for you it is time to quit and enjoy life man!


scam review

Simon Lives in Bullshit Land!

As part of my investigation I had to find out where “Simon” was from. The British accent in the video is of course just a voice actor so I turned to the website “” and looked up his domain. Turns out he lives in bullshit land, his country code was listed as BS. This really means the Bahamas but I thought it just too funny to pass up on the joke. But is is not joke that this is for sure a scam.



Free Entertainment and a Good Laughter!

Similar types of scams have been done before, over and over again with really no hope of it stopping. Moral of story is that they prey on your greed and that is what you really need to change. It’s when you think you are going to make 2 million a year without any costs involved and without the need of any learning or commitment that you are easily fooled. As you can see from my efforts, once you start to dig into the facts and ask yourself a few questions, the scam is quickly revealed. Not good at doing the research yourself? Then the least you can do is to keep yourself updated here at where we go the distance to uncover scams. After a while you too will learn to spot scams within minutes of finding them. Then, instead of becoming a victim, you will have a good laugh at their silly but entertaining attempts of ripping you off… and you may just be able to help others in our community avoid the same scams.



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