1Major Scam

Dubai Lifestyle

  • Founded: 2016
  • Return: $7,183.80 / day
  • Price: Free*Deposit required

Dubai Lifestyle App – This Unbiased Review is Going to SHOCK You

Do you want money? Do you want a Dubai lifestyle? Do you want $7,183.80 per day?!? Yeah? Then it’s time to look somewhere else because this scam won’t bring you a cent, so please read this article for entertainment purposes only. Well, you can also consider it a warning to stay away from Dubai Lifestyle App and all autotrading robots that promise you yachts, millions of dollars, financial independence and a ride on the golden unicorn’s back (yeah unicorns, why not!!!) with the push of a button.


Dubai Lifestyle Review – Living the Dubai Lifestyle (Really?)

“I came from Iowa with only $500 and a dream to make you and thousands of other hard-working men around the world millionaires with my auto-trading app.” Scott Hathaway – CEO & Founder, Dubai Lifestyle App

what did i just read-min

WOW Scott, thank you! I am so glad people like you still exist, people whose dream is to make others rich. So altruistic and noble… Thank you! I like this guy already, so let’s get to know him better. Here’s his picture taken from the Dubai Lifestyle App website:

ceo dla-min

…and here’s what Google says about his pic:


business owner-min

Oh no, Scott “I’m gonna make you all rich” Hathaway is FAKE. Who would have thought?!?


Dubai Lifestyle App – The (Fake) Story

I will make the long story short, so you don’t have to watch his crappy sales pitch: the dude moved to Dubai and knew he had to make money to keep up with the extravagance of the city. To achieve that, he worked out of his parents’ garage for 2 years and – what do you know – he found a miracle algorithm that makes *insert huge number* millions per second. But he needed investors to make the software work and since there are no investors in the United States (duh, who heard of investors in the US…), he went to Dubai, surfed the deep web and found two investors: the Mahmood brothers. He set up a meeting with them at the Burj Al Arab, the only 7 star hotel in the world and he presented them the opportunity to make others rich. Because that’s what investors do: they invest money to make others rich… Take a look at Dubai’s timeline:

dubai development-min

Do you think all that was achieved by having the mind-set: “We want to make OTHERS rich”? I don’t think so. Well anyway, back to our story: Within 30 minutes, they cut him a check for 430,000 USD! Oh, this is so far-fetched I can hardly keep up. So this guy has no money but searches the deep web and finds the details of two wealthy guys, contacts them and they immediately agree to meet with a stranger who then asks for almost half a million dollars and they give it to him. Is that how the real world works??? Cause if it is, then I’ve been doing something wrong my entire life.

Oh wait, he didn’t get the money without any strings attached (yeah, I knew they had to ask for something in return). Collateral? Proof that the software actually works? No, nothing like that. They simply asked that the app pays homage to Dubai – so he named it Dubai Lifestyle App. Now everybody’s happy!

Next, he hired coders and software engineers, invested $190,000 into testing and finally achieved 99.8% accuracy. Can you believe it?! I know I don’t but let’s move on. As part of his agreement with the Mahmood Brothers, he kept the app restricted to Dubai for 90 days, and increased the bank accounts of 319 Dubai residents by over 2 million US Dollars (remember, their goal is to make other people rich). Ok after that episode, they transitioned to worldwide enrichment of poor people and to prove that it really works, he wanted to do something never seen before (prepare to be astounded): he will show real live proof that the app puts over 7,000 USD in my pocket, every day. Can’t wait, show me. Remember: live proof. Let me walk you through the process: he shows a picture of the app, with a 250 bucks account. Then a text appears, saying “30 minutes later”. Now the same picture from before is displayed, but the account balance shows 401 bucks. If that’s not live, real proof, I don’t know what is… After 60 minutes – same pic but with 873 bucks in the account, so it must be working, it’s “live” proof. Let me try it:



Ok, now I will let the software work in real time, before your very own eyes. Let’s see how it performs:

30 min later-min

acc balance 99999-min

Wow, even better than I expected. Now let’s wait some more. Oh, I am so anxious, I want to make you all rich:


acc balance own the world-min

Oh, I am so happy. I worked in my mother’s garage for 47 seconds to build this app and it’s so nice to see it paid off. Now you can have it – take it, take it, please.

Ok, let’s get back to the real world (I mean the fantasy world): he continues his sales pitch by telling me I am stupid and a complete loser if I don’t take advantage of the opportunity, yada, yada, no credit card debt, bla, bla… I will kick myself later if I miss the opportunity, only 100 beta testers, must get in now, only 5 spots in my area. Cool story bro!


Let’s Get Back To The Real-Real World

A guy tells a story that even a child would have trouble believing, promising to make us all rich because this was his lifelong dream. Do you believe for a second that he invented an autotrader that achieves 99.8% accuracy on autopilot and wants to share it with the world, for free? If you do, please stop the World – I want to get off! This is a pure scam, meant to get you to deposit with one of his recommended brokers so he can get a commission. It’s that simple. You won’t make any money with it, you will just end up with an account with a broker that he chose for you. It will not solve your money problems. Don’t fall for this scam!