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  • Return: N/A
  • Price: Free** Deposit required
  • Rating: 1 / 10
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Robot Name: WikiTrader
Founded: 2016
Type: Robot
Price: Free*
Return: N/A
Trading: BO
Demo Account: No
Minimum Deposit: $250

WikiTrader Review

by Martin Kay

I can’t stop. I’m sorry, but I can’t stop looking at the breasts of this “enigmatic woman behind WikiTrader” as she calls herself. She obviously wants me to, or else she wouldn’t wear that deep cleavage but I should be able to resist it… ahhh, must stay strong… write review… be a professional. Ok, I’m cool now, let’s do this sH2t!


WikiTrader: Ingredients For A Cheap Scam

Step 1: Firstly and most importantly: hire an “enigmatic” actress (preferably with big breasts) so monkeys like me keep watching the sales video.


wiki enigmatic woman-min


Apparently I should be familiar with her because of all the “crazy investments” her firm has made over the years – or at least that’s what she tells me – but weirdly, I am not familiar. Oh, but wait a minute lady, I might actually know you… hmmm


quickcash and wiki the same woman-min


Different hair style, different look, but the voice, the lazy left eye… Yes, I am not mistaking, It’s the SAME WOMAN from Quick Cash, trying to sell me two different scams.


wiki same woman-min


Step 2: Show Off! This is a must. She pulls some papers saying those are the account statements of their users and yaps how all of them are making at least 35K per month (later she tells me the average user makes 12K per day, so I guess math is not her strong suit… or something else is going on). Then she shows off the house, the car and gets into what appears to be a private plane. Good, now I know she is for real and she has a lot of money… surely nothing is rented.


show off-min


Step 3: Tell the people why you are giving away the Goose that lays Golden Eggs. Every scam video has this ingredient and WikiTrader is no different. So… why? Because kindness!!! Yea, she hates it that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer so it’s time to change that and make everybody rich. Well, not everybody because she’s inviting only 100 people to the “party”… aren’t you glad you’re one of the lucky ones? Oh and by the way, that was Step 4: “Limited” spots.




Ok, now I have to stop with all these steps because the proverbial poop is hitting the fan. I am actually writing this while watching the video so what they say comes as a total surprise to me. Oh boy, this is almost a masterpiece, a SF movie, a symphony of idiocracy, a horrendous assault on our intellects. Do they actually believe we are chimps with half a brain?!? Banana… ugh, ugh! Here’s what they say: “our software had essentially created a brain for itself. It had become self-learning, it was artificially intelligent” – Enter Skynet! Judgement Day is upon us!


The Plot Thickens!

Anyway, so far we were dabbling into the “light” stuff; the heavy weapons are yet to be unsheathed:


it doesnt just adapt, it creates-min


“It doesn’t just adapt to the market, it basically creates the market” Read that again!!! It CREATES the market… this, this is just… It’s like… I’m at a loss of words, sorry but what they are saying is stupid and I’m severely allergic to ‘stupid’ so excuse me for 5 minutes while I go puke my brains out (they’re trying to brainwash me anyway).


pinky & brain-min


Good, all better now. Or am I? Nooo, why are you doing this to me? The assault continues: “… it can predict the market with such high accuracy that it can then predict the outcome after its first prediction.” That’s it, I’m done. Brain freeze… Meltdown… Shutdown. Oh wait, then he says “This is beyond binary options, this is beyond MMA” Yeah, I bet it is, but what the heck’s he talking about “beyond MMA”??? Mixed Martial Arts? He just pulled that rabbit out of the hat, he didn’t speak before about this MMA so now I am starting to think they are making fun of me. Yup, he just dropped MMA in there to see if I am fully brainwashed and if he can feed me more cr4p.


poor people-min


I think I was right: hereally was checking the levels of my brainwashing: if I would have stopped the video right after MMA, it would mean I am not ready for the next dose of “wonderland” but since obviously I continued watching, they gave it to me: remember when I told you that spots are limited to 100? Ok, well, these 100 persons will actually test the software to make sure everything works perfectly, on auto-pilot so then they can “roll this out worldwide to all the people working dead end jobs”. ALL THE PEOPLE! The world is saved, there will be no more poor people. Next phase: Mars!


Expectation vs. Real Life: A Much Needed Conclusion

Ok, let’s come down to earth for a minute. This is a Scam and I hope you realize that! These people want you to believe they have the secret to basically unlimited amounts of money but they want to share it with you for free. Well, at least the first 100 copies are free and the rest they will sell (so you better get in fast). Yea, they mention selling at some point, but ask yourselves Why? I mean, this software is 100% accurate, it creates the market, it even predicts its next prediction that was predicted before the prediction (duh!), so they can make ALL the money they want, they don’t need to sell anything.

They expect you to believe all the nonsense they are dishing out, then deposit with their recommended broker so they can cash in the commission. They get paid, the brokerage gets paid, the client gets f***ed. The client expects a dream but all he gets is real life. Please stay on the safe side – which is away from this scam – and do your own research before investing even a penny.


ignorance is a choice-min

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