A Titan Of Binary Options Education? Complete Review

TitanTrade Binary Options Education Materiels Review

TitanTrade is operated by Titan Capital and based in the Seychelles. This broker is based on the new Spot2 platform and one of the hottest new brokers on the market. We know that the Spot2 binary options platform is top notch in terms of trading, assets and expiry. Let’s find out just how well TitanTrade did providing traders with the educational information needed to use and profit from this great platform.


When you load the website one of the first things I see, aside from a sharp web page, are three tabs to promising links. These are Academy, Trading Strategies and Education. This is pretty good but unfortunately not the standard among brokers today. Too many times a so-called top broker will fail to provide any but the most rudimentary educational resources and those not even easy to find. What I don’t see, and I don’t mind not finding it, is the typical 1-2-3 this is how you trade binary that are on the home pages of too many brokers. I don’t mind not seeing that on the homepage because it’s just clutter, and a little condescending. Moving on now I also found some good links to information in the bottom navigation bar. Links to the types of binary trading available on the platform and also links to trading features such as Rollover, Double Up and Early Out. My first impression, good. TitanTrade has made some good moves making educational resources easy to find and to navigate, now lets find out if there is any meat on the bone.



Basic, General and Advanced Education

First stop, the Academy. The Academy tab takes you to a place they call the School Of Binary. This is where you go to get schooled on how to trade using a collection of videos, articles and an ebook. The video library is quite extensive and includes basic, intermediate and advanced levels. The video’s cover topics such as basic binary trading mechanics, financial management, trend analysis and candle stick charting tools. The articles and ebook cover the same material but in abbreviated form. Now let’s move on to the Trading Strategies. This tab goes to a blog filled with articles by professional traders. The articles are on all forms of binary strategies. Upon closer review the articles are very short and offer very little in the way of actual trading information that can be of use to us. The third tab, the one marked Education, is just another link to the original Academy/School of Binary page mentioned before. Finally, the additional links in the bottom navigation bar are a plus. They offer detailed information on what the Rollover, Double Up and Early Out are and how to use them. My second impression, Good. I think that the video tutorials and articles are more than adequate to get a rank newbie up and running. The blog post/strategies are weak but not worth worrying about.



My Last Words

TitanTrade is an attractive broker. It is based on the Spot2 platform which I think comes with the most assets and the most expiries. The educational materials provided by the broker are also top notch. There isn’t enough here to make you rich over night but there is enough to get you acquainted with what you will need to know in order to become successful as a trader. One bonus of the educational materials here are the articles about Rollover, Double UP and Early Out. A lot of brokers have similar features but very very few of them go out of their way to explain how to use them or even let you know that they are available. 


Education is not enough though. Reliability, Customer Service and Banking Options are just a couple of factor of an approved broker. Learn more about TitanTrade on Martin Kay’s Review, before you make your decision.