Trader 369
  • Trader 369

  • Regulated:  No
Broker Name: Trader 369
Platform: SpotOption
Founded: 2011
Bonus: 25
Return/Refund: 65-75%/0-10%
No. Of Assets: 76
Regulated: No
Demo Account: Yes
Minimum Deposit: 250
US Traders: Accepted
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Trader 369 Review

by Martin Kay

 *** Trader369 new Brand Name is

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Editor’s Note- Why does Trader 369 Suck in 50 Words

This review is not going to talk about the Cons and Pros of Trader 369 or about the advantages and special features. This review is going to discuss the minimum expectations that any trader, beginner or pro, should demand and receive from his broker. Trader 369 failed to achieve these expectations.

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Trader 369 Full Review- What is the minimum expectations?

Trader 369 was launched recently (June 2011) aiming to become a leading French Binary Options Broker. The website is 100% web based so there’s no need for any software to be downloaded, similar to most brokers. Trader 369 is based on the innovate Spot Option Platform, one of my favorite platform because of the Roll-Over and Double-Up options and the overall easy to use trading platform. The website is very clean and organized, easy on the eyes and therefore easy to use and navigate. The In-The-Money return is industry average with 65-75% return, same as the Out-Of-Money refund (0-10%) which is also average to the industry. So why does Trader 369 Suck? For me Trader 369 is Scam. I guess that I first thought of it when I rolled my mouse over the big Trader 369 logo on the home screen, and I saw a tab saying:”Empire Option”. I mean if I was I broker, a respected broker, why would I put some other broker name over my big logo?? What’s that sh*t? And that was only my first observation. I looked further into the Trader 369 site looking for any other promos maybe… well I couldn’t find anymore but I’d be more than happy if any of my readers would find one and notice me. What I did found was a messed up website that keeps on changing from English to French once you click on certain tabs. For example, if you click on the FAQ tab, the language changes to French.  Those are minor bugs, that could be solved quickly, but if you think about it- what would you think if you were going to your bank, deposit 200$ (Trader 369 Minimum deposit) and then at second you sign you see some other bank logo written in French next to your bank signature? Or maybe your banker would start speaking German with you suddenly? It’s defiantly an exaggeration but it is in- appropriate from the broker side to treat potential investors. I do have a certain level of expectations from any broker, and Trader 369 didn’t pass the most basic test- reliability.


The thin line between legit and scam

It would be fair just to criticize someone without talking to him first and try to understand his side of the story. So the next thing I did was clicking on the live chat hoping that it won’t pop out in French, again. Fortunately, the live chat is in English, but it isn’t a live chat… it’s a standard call back option. One can just leave his number and Trader 369 will call back. Ops, I meant Ikko Trader will call back. The live chat which isn’t really a live chat is an actually a call back option handled by another French Binary Options Broker- Ikko Trader. To my disappointment, I couldn’t find answers, and to be honest, after this I just couldn’t care less. Too many complications and misunderstanding killed me and was touring Trader 369 web site for only 1 hour. After that hour I only had one thought in my mind (or maybe three) – scam scam scam. Just another Binary Options Fraud that tries to grab money. If Trader 369 isn’t a scam, then it sucks. Just to be fair. The platform used by Trader 369 (Spot Option) is of my favorite platforms, as I already said before, but Trader 369 made a joke out of it. My conclusion is that Trader 369 is just a little brother to more experienced brokers, but it still looking young and un-worthy compared to the big brothers. I could have wrote about the features of Trader 369 as I usually tend to do with most brokers I review, but in Trader 369 case, that would be a waste of time. Last word- Avoid.

Trader 369 Ratings

Since 2011. Trading Assets- 76 trading Assets. Minimum Deposit -200$, 200€. Payment- Credit cards, wire transfer. Options Profitability- 65%-75%. Out of money option refund-0-10%. Platform: Spot Option. Languages- English and French. Demo- Yes.

 User Friendly 9/20

Trader 369 is 100% web based platform, so there’s no need for software to be downloaded. The trading platform is Spot Option, very easy to use and easily one of the most trader friendly platforms. Unfortunately, the website is very fresh and there are more than a few minor bugs that harms navigating and trading. The only languages available are English and French. Please notice that most bugs are in the English version of the site.

No. of Assets and Expiry time 15/20

Total of 76 Assets: 29 stocks, 15 currencies (forex), 4 commodities, 28 indices. Trader 369 offer a large variety of assets which makes trading more interesting, plus Double Up and Roll-Over options that really adds up to the overall trading experience. Moreover, there’s a touch option for trading during weekends.

Commissions, Support and Effective return 10/20

Trader 369 don’t charge any fees or commissions from investors when they first deposit or purchase options. Trader 369 support is available via 9 international numbers, mostly in Europe and in the US or via email. There’s isn’t any live chat option, a major downside. The effective return is among the average in the industry- an average of 70% In-The-Money return for most assets, while the Out-of-Money refund is between 0-10%.

Deposit, Payment and Bonus 7/20

Trader 369 Minimum deposit is average/high- 200$ or 200€. Deposit is available via C.C., Wire transfer or CashU. Withdrawals are limited to a minimum withdrawal of 100$ or 100€ depending on your currency. Withdrawals are generally available via C.C or money wire. Trader 369 offers a bonus of up to 25%.

Website Extra’s 6/20

Trader 369 enjoys the extras that only brokers using Spot Option platform enjoy, mainly in trading area. You can check out the Asset and Expiry times to read more about those extras. Except from these extras, there aren’t really any other special features offered by Trader 369. The only extra feature I notice was the live news feed, unfortunately not the best in the market and overall isn’t so helpful.


Trader 369 rating: 46/100

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