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The MINT 1.6 Indicator Review

Want to make a mint? You need the MINT 1.6 binary options indicator, or do you? You’ll have to read on to find out.

I recently became aware of a new binary options trading software when I stumbled upon it one day in the forums. When I say stumble upon it I am being kind, the promoter of the software, one Mataleo, blasted his post across the binary options forum universe in a way that screams scam. I’m not saying it is one, not yet, not for sure, but when you go on the web and post how great your stuff is in every forum and every forum thread halfway related to binary options it kinda smells like a gimmick. What am I talking about? The MINT 1.6 Binary Options Indicator.


What Is The MINT 1.6 Binary Options Indicator

What is the MINT 1.6 Binary Options Indicator? It’s a little hard to say for sure. You’d think with so many posts in so many forums across the internet Mataleo would give some details about how it works and how you profit from it but he relies on our generosity and gullibility, giving as little details as possible. In our forum, Communitraders, he breezed in and dropped a link to a video on us and breezed out. No how do you do, no let me explain my signal to you just a link that hopefully will help explain a little about the MINT 1.6.


Well I can say one thing is for sure, Mataleo has great taste in music. At least he has better taste than most scam artists, the music in his video is really snappy and a little funky. Too bad that’s not why we’re here. The real shame though is that the video tells you absolutely nothing. It’s nothing more than a cartoon of price action where these little dots appear on the chart every once in a while, signals, and then miraculously “asset price” moves and the “trade” is in the money. To be honest, I can’t believe this fella would think such a clearly produced piece of informationless video would be sufficient explanation to hook even the rankest make-money-now get rich quick junkie.


At this point in my exploration I was really beginning to wonder what the hell the MINT 1.6 actually was and what the point of the all hooplah was. Just as I was running out of leads I finally stumbled upon the holy grail, a website address leading to what finally explain a little about what this thing is. It turns out the MINT is a binary options indicator designed on the MT4 trading platform. It analyzes a chart using 15 different parameters and only signals a trade when all 15 are met. It doesn’t say anything about what they are, could be the color of your grandma’s underwear for all I know.


The system works using 2 different algorithms. The first gives off the warning signal. This signals tells you if you are going to be buying or selling, calls or puts. The second gives the entry signals and tells you it’s time to buy the position. The recommended time frame is the 5 minute charts but you can use it on any time frame MT4 supports. Recommended expiry is 1 to 3 candles from expiry so about 5 to 15 minutes when using the M5 charts. Alerts are sent in three ways, sound visual and email, so there is no reason you should miss them, should you decide you want to use them. Other than that there isn’t much else to go on, you’ll just have to accept that you want to use this because it exists.




A detail that tells me this is not a scam, just another traders attempt at trying to make some money off the market, is how the pay structure works. There is absolutely no mention of brokers, accounts or deposits. You don’t have to sign up for any contracts and no recurring monthly either, all it takes is one low low payment which, depending on which place you buy it, could cost as little as $20 US. What’s really funny is that on the sites homepage you can get it for 30EUR but on the MT5 market place it’s listed for $20.


The Last Word On The MINT 1.6 Binary Options Indicator

This is not a scam, at least not a flagrantly bad one taking advantage of traders by forcing deposits. It has some cost but that’s OK, things of value deserve to be paid for. The value of this product is what is in question. It gives signals based on 15 indications but we just don’t know what they are, and the long term effectiveness of the system is unproven. The good thing is it won’t cost much to find out, only $20 and a little bit of your time. . . so long as you don’t jump right in and start trading with real money.