AnyOption Platform Review

AnyOption unique Trading Platform Review – Unique Features and Different Style

Anyoption is one of the most well known trading platforms and broker in the Binary Options world. The Anyoption platform has been accessible to individual internet users since 2009 and has been growing its trading community to reach its currently dominant position in the industry. The main question is whether or not all of this new popularity is worth the hype and how well Anyoption compares to other leaders in the Binary Options industry. From what I have seen and experienced Anyoption is at the top of the binary options industry.



Platform Ratings

Platform functionality (9/10)

Platform efficiency (8.5/10)

Ease of use (9/10)

Additional information (8/10)

Average number of assets and expiry times –  hourly, daily, weekly

Trading tools available – rollover, double up

Trading options available – High/low, One Touch, Option+, 0-100, IPO Binary

Prices & Rates: Accurate



Why AnyOption Doesn’t Suck?

After a review of the binary options product that is offered by Anyoption, I have reached the conclusion that the company reputation and strength of the brand name does live up to the hype. Anyoption offers the most user friendly platform for new traders and experienced traders. With the wide variety of real time news updates and trading strategies that are available, the platform caters to a wide variety of traders of all experience levels. AnyOption has some of the best expiries, the most extensive asset list and the most innovative options types of any broker. AnyOption is the pioneer in 0-100 trading, IPO binary options and Option+, the speed trading feature that makes 60 second trading obsolete.



Why does AnyOption suck?

The only downside of AnyOption trading platform is the relatively small selection of expiry times. The expiry stretch from 15 minutes to end of the day, end of week and end of month but in between those figures the overall number of expiries is small. That is the only complaint I have for Anyoption.




Platform Technology

One of the most recognizable features of the Anyoption platform the user friendly interface that the company offers. Anyoption is the only company using this platform and this makes it one of the best choices for new options traders. This is important because the majority of individual retail traders are new to the options world and the Anyoption platform is specifically tailored to be straight forward and user friendly.


The Anyoption platform uses a simple browser-based design to ensure a smooth and efficient performance, giving the company a platform presence that is stylish and professional. No downloads are requires and the platform can be used on any smart phone or tablet for mobile trading. Web-based platforms, however, tend to be less reliable than downloaded applications, but the technology in this area is constantly improving.


The individual boxes can be altered so that you can focus on your chosen asset and trades can be placed by clicking on the screen directly. The screen above is the contract window for the High – Low Binary Options but there is also a Touch – No Touch screen and a contract screen for Option + trades. This last option enables traders to sell binary options at all times (which is a relatively unique feature). The ability to get in and out of a market at will makes trading short term options like 60 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes unnecessary.


Anyoption offers more than 200 trading assets for placing binary options trades. These choices include stocks, commodities, and forex pairs in addition to broader stock indices. One look at the asset list shows that Anyoption offers one of the most impressive list of choices amongst all of the available brokers In terms of expiry times, 4 choices are available: with closes on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. A simple click on one of these assets will expand a window that shows the details of the trading contract For most traders, there are more options here than you could even begin to use regularly.



My Trading Experience

In my trading experience with the platform I found some key advantages that will cater to longer term options traders. Since the platform is web based, I was able to access my trades from any location with an internet connection, which was great because sometimes I receive market moving news alerts when I am not at my home computer. This allows me to tailor my trading strategy to the leading events of the day. When trades expire, you have the option of receiving an SMS message as well, which makes this option even better. The platform does allow for weekly and monthly options contracts, which I like because I am not a short term or intraday trader, generally speaking.


Another advantage I noticed was that the returns were clearly posted on the trading platform and they are shown alongside similar assets, (for example, the FTSE and the S&P 500 are next to each other), and this allowed me to quickly assess the potential return differences that were available for similar instruments. When using the platform, I was mostly dealing with the stock indices, and I found the return levels to average somewhere in the 70% range, which is acceptable but not as high as some of the others I have seen. Anyoption is the leader in option builder technology as well, allowing traders to choose from up to 6 different risk/reward ratios for standard binary trading.


Finally, and perhaps the biggest asset of the trading platform, was the account page, which easily allows you to view the progress of both opened and previously closed trades. This type of screen is extremely valuable to me, as it makes it easy to track my progress (overall trading gains) on a monthly and yearly basis. Not all platforms display this information as clearly, and I thought that this was a great aspect of the trading platform.



Special features:

The most exclusive feature of anyoption™ is that it is one of the very few binary options trading platform which offers return of at least 15% of the investment. Some brokers offer rebates but not many. The entire platform seems to be a special feature as there are many innovations to see. Choosing risk/reward ratios, Option+ speed trading, 0-100 binary options, options that can be bought or sold and even options on upcoming stock IPO’s from around the world.


The in-depth information and the easy-to-use aspect of the Anyoption™ website makes it extremely user-friendly. The website is straightforward and refreshing and the demo is quite clean and clear. The simplicity of this website is that you can trade on this platform even without having any prior trading experience.




  • Several points of entry into the platform
  • Lacks problems related to execution or liquidity
  • Even if the option expires, there is at least 15% return on your principal investment
  • Investors can maximize their returns as the maximum investment per option is $3000.
  • Innovative options, 0-100 trading, Options+, IPO binary



  • Returns are only up to 71% for in the money.
  • Very few Expiry times available.