10 Trading Tips, 50 Words, Each Week

Whether you are an experienced trader or a newbie, trading tips never harmed anybody. From my experience, trading tips are not always meant to 100% correct. Sometimes someone gives you a good advice, but sometimes it’ll lead you to a better decision. You don’t always have enough time to follow all financial news, now that’s a good reason to sacrifice 5 minutes of time for a good tip, I believe. Every Week on Sunday, bots.com trading experts bring you a short list of trading tips, 10 to be precise, each tip is 50 words only.


Binary Options Weekly Trading Tips




How to use these Trading Tips?

Veteran Traders


Take those tips as an advice. Check out financial tools, analysis tools; use these useful tips as something to build on, maybe a small kicker for a bigger trade or a lifeline in case of risky one. Who knows, maybe our experts advice and your trading skills could buy you a nice gift?


Binary Beginners


Use these tips with caution. Even experts could be wrong. Beginners, use these trading tips as learning lessons. Usually, beginners tend to spread their focus on various trading assets rather than specialize on a few known assets. Our advice to beginners is to use these trading tips in order to specialize on specific assets and learn trading better. We recommend trying the trading tips on paper trading at least once before real investing. Place your investment, set your expiry time, press call/put then check out the asset’s real time quote. Write that number down, then check out your “investment” after the expiry time is due. If you missed the exact closing time, it is also possible to check the assets expiry value at a specific time on almost every binary options trading platform. Good Luck Trading!