Binary Options Mobile Trading – Leaders And Losers 2013

Binary Options Mobile Trading – Leaders And Losers 2013

Mobile trading is a top attraction for many binary options traders. The ability to access the market any time any where is too good for some to pass up. I personally don’t do much mobile trading but thought I would take a look at what the industry is doing. This is my list of the top mobile trading sites for 2013 but in the end I think they all look about the same. I mean really, how much information can you put onto one iPhone screen anyway? I don’t have a huge trading station at home but it is a little bigger than my iPhone.


The first thing to know about mobile trading is that it is flooded with bunk platforms and apps. When you go to search for a mobile platform you will find that there are more of them than are ordinary on line brokers. Knowing this, how do you choose the best one? Since the list at the Google App store wasn’t ranked and I had never heard of most of the top ten returns I started with some of the top trusted brokers at



1. Amend the below as follows “This was my first pick. As I said before be very careful when choosing a mobile broker because there are a lot of copy cat sites. There are at least 3 other apps labeled 24 Option that are not in fact 24Option. The real app looks really good, it is an extension of the main site and has the same great interface and appeal. Once you get logged in you are greeted with a menu screen with 9 buttons leading to the different types of trading, banking screens and your open trades. All the trade types and assets available on the main site are also available on the mobile site allowing for seamless integration into your account. Other features of 24Option like the early out option are also available. Each trade screen also includes a real time streaming chart so you can watch the action as it unfolds. Visit 24Option Review. Investors can lose all their capital”. Visit 24Option Review.



Is a leading broker, approved by BOTS, still allowing U.S. traders and has a mobile site. Traders are able to purchase call and put positions on all the assets available on the Ubinary website. The app has a clean look and is easy to use. Trades are listed in a simple format with entry prices, expiry and whether they are in or out of the money. This app is still new and in development so it does not have all the features of the parent site but they are on the way. Visit Ubinary Review.



May have the best mobile trading platform but you won’t be able to find it if you are in the U.S. If you  are in the U.S. and choose to use an “anyoption” from the app store it is most likely a fraud. AnyOption has been a leader in binary since the beginning and is leading in the mobile trading arena today. AnyOption has one of the largest asset lists and expiry’s ranging out to the end of the month. Traders can choose from a variety of option types with returns ranging between 70-85% for high/low and up to 500% or more for one touch. Visit AnyOption Review.



I have to say that mobile trading could be a real bonus for binary options. Sometimes you just need to place a trade and will not be able to get to your computer. Mobile platforms today have all the features of the parent sites and have come a long way from the early days. As a tool I think it can be an integral part of any trader’s system. However, I don’t recommend doing a lot of mobile trading.  There are too many factors that could go wrong for you, not to mention you will likely not be in a place free from distraction and able to make the best decisions. The best way to trade is in front of your computer, at your work station, free from out side influences.




Warning For Mobile Traders

I noticed several platforms with names similar to 24Option and AnyOption but these trusted brokers only have one mobile site apiece. Be careful just picking names off a list provided by a app store because there are frauds out there. These copy cats are banking on the name and the fact that some people will sign up without doing their home work. In order to get the best information always go to BOTS.Com!



“Trading Binary Options and/or CFDs involves significant risk of loss. CFDs are leveraged and thus losses may exceed invested amount”