BossCapital Education Review – Take a Webinar with the Boss

Full Review of BossCapital Educational Resources for Traders

Who is the boss of your capital? Well, if you were provided with a good education I think you would be the boss of your money. Today we are taking a look at Boss Capital’s trading academy.
There are various sections in the education center on their website. But the first thing I see is the statement that says “Boss Capital wants all of its traders to have the highest level of binary options education”. They offer plenty of material for anyone who wishes to learn more… Ok, not anyone, because some material is only available for the account holders. Let’s take a look and see who the real boss is!



What Kind of Education does Boss Capital Provide?

The first type of education is the free and “exclusive” e-book. Although the e-book is a great start if you want to get a brief idea of what you are giving yourself into, it’s not as exclusive as Boss Capital claims. You can find the same e-book with almost any other broker out there, but with a different cover.


If you are not a fan of reading, you can go straight to the video courses. These are also the same informative videos you find anywhere else but if you haven’t seen them yet and you are a beginner it’ll teach you a few things worth your while. This section is followed by the advanced academy courses. It consist of a few more videos where topics such as risk, discipline, trends and other technical analysis are discussed. There is an interesting video titled “winning tactic” and it talks about greed and money management. You should check it out, it’s basic stuff but still good for newbies.


Webinars! My favorite kind of education. Trading is taught best in live action! There are both pre-recorded webinars and live webinars. I took a peek in this section and found out you could register your name and e-mail to get access to a live webinar. The two topics at the moment I’m writing are “how to trade on Boss Capital’s platform” and “Advanced analysis with a senior analyst”. I wouldn’t have said no to live lectures, especially free ones. Now that is something we can call exclusive education!


The “how to trade” section describes how the platform works, using pictures and brief explanations.
Some words might be difficult to understand so make sure to look in the glossary they offer on the website.


Another section I like is the Market News. You can read info about fundamentals and/or the technical analysis like possible support or resistance levels for different assets. It’s good to compare your analysis with theirs, just to see how you are developing.




Boss Capital Education, Does it Suck or Not?

The education center at Boss Capital contains lots of basic and general information and education. These informative e-books and videos will give you some insight in the world of binary options but they are far from exclusive educations. In fact, the same material can be found on other broker’s websites too. However, not every broker offers free live webinars. If you are looking for something exclusive then you should appreciate the webinars. In conclusion; take advantage of the webinars and maybe you’ll learn something worth your while but for deeper education look elsewhere.


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