EZTrader Education, Plenty to Lean Upon

Full Review of EZTrader Binary Options Education

 EZTrader is a new digital binary options broker and at first glance one worthy of note. The broker is CySEC regulated and headquartered in Cyprus. At first glance the website is clean and apparently full of educational resources. The home page has a tab for the “Education Center” listed prominently in the navigation bar and links to even more information throughout the home page. One thing I noticed during my first look was an interesting section with a scrolling FAQ for binary options. This is a nice touch in my opinion because it offers the most basic and introductory information in a manner that new traders will find immediately.



 What Education EZTrader Provides

 EZTrader has an education section, a weekly analysis and even a magazine. I didn’t get my hopes up too much before thoroughly checking out each section…too many websites have made great attempts at educational resources but fallen flat on their faces. The beginners tutorial is good. Nothing more than what you may find anywhere else but done with the EZTrader flair. The Ebook is an extension of the basic tutorial, offering little more than the basic knowledge but still a good asset for newbies. The weekly market update is good. This is an area where many others have fallen short. EZTrader provides a good update touching on the world markets, currencies and commodities. The real bonus here is the “Magazine”. This is really their blog but a good blog for binary options traders. The articles are well written, informative and touch on many of the issues and news stories important to the binary options community.



 EZTrader Education Resources: Suck Or No Suck?

 EZTraders binary options educational resources do not suck. The basic information is all there to get newbies up and running. There is also plenty of market analysis and “magazine” articles to keep more advanced traders interested as well. I can recommend this broker’s resources for newbies and more advanced traders. Check out EZTrader Review.