November Trading with the Geek Tips Results – Another Month of Gains for the Geek

Other Month of Gains for the Geek

November was quite a good month for the Old Geek. I think it may have been my best month of binary options trading ever. A total of 29 trades closed last month and only 4 were out of the money. Four. That is a win/loss percentage of 86.2%! And you all got to watch it right here on BOTS. There were only four Monday’s in November so I only made 20 tips but I also made a few extra trades and there were a number of trades carrying over from the previous month. Why was November so good? Because the trend was up and I traded with the trend. The broke out to new highs and are still doing so today. Economic data is still doing OK enough and the taper is still somewhere off in the future.


november geek recap


Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. How did my string of wins impact the bottom line? Very well if I may say so myself. I started the month in third place with a mere 4.74% gain on my account, not counting 11 open trades. This month I have risen to 2nd place on the CT leader board with 110 winning trades and a whopping 17.56% increase on my beginning balance. My total cost of trading for the month was $2,900 with a gross return of $4625. That is a net profit of $1,725, 60% return on investment. Last months return was 67% but it included one trade I made on a strong signal for more than my usual amount.


Let’s look at November’s tips. The markets were heavily impacted by multiple factors including earnings, economic data, FOMC fears and tapering, ECB policy changes, fall out from the Government shut down and a slowly growing world economy. I made a total of 20 tips for the month and 3 extra trades. At the end of the month there were 5 still open and of those 4 have since closed in the money.


The S&P is of course my favorite asset. I made a tip on it each week and was able to profit on 3 of them. I also traded the DAX, my choice of index for trading Europe. I made 3 tips on the DAX and profited on all three. I am still bullish on the world markets and will looking to get into more trend following positions.


I held firm to my bearish stance on gold and was rewarded for it. The metal experienced a large amount of volatility in the month, testing upper resistance and then falling back to break support. I made four tips on gold and profited on all three. I am still bearish on the metal but think a bottom may be forming. We’ll have to keep a close eye on the $1225 level.


The Yen lost a lot of ground to the dollar during November. Weaker than expected data in Japan and a lack of taper in the U.S. helped to break the USD/JPY pair out of it’s triangle and above resistance. I made a total of four tips on this pair and profited from all four.


The Euro is not my best asset to trade and I will be the first to admit it. I haven’t been able to nail it but I will keep trying. I made four tips on the EUR/USD pair, all puts, and failed with each one. I viewed the market as bound by resistance and was denied each and every time.


I ventured into new ground last month as well, making a trade on Oil. I made one tip on the commodity and did not return a profit. Other trades made in the month include several on Apple. Once the stock began to move again I was able to get into this one twice, one has profited and the other is still open.