Numerology And Binary Options, It’s All About The Numbers

I was recently introduced to an interesting concept and how it relates to binary options trading, numerology. After a brief introduction numerology and binary options may seem like a perfect fit, after all, they are both about numbers. The average trader uses technical analysis to predict the movement of the market. The numerologists may use technical analysis to pick entries but before he (or she) gets to that point they use numerology to pick which assets to trade and much more. The difference is that technical analysis is based on tangibles like price, volume etc while numerology is based on the more esoteric side of things. By definition, numerology is an occult study of numbers and how they relate to individual character traits as an integral part of the cosmic plan. Sounds a lot like a horoscope to me but I can admit, I was intrigued.


Numerology And Binary Options, It’s All About The Numbers

Like I said, numerology is an occult study of numbers and how they relate to you, your life and your place in the universe. Unlike technical analysis, numerology has a long history predating Pythagoras (recognized as the father of modern numerology) and Kabbalah (ancient Hebrew method of studying religious texts). The way it was explained to me every number has meaning and everything in your life can be reduced down to single number in order to find out what that number is. Dates like your birthday, anniversaries and significant milestones as well as words like your name, a binary options strategy or trading indicator, and numbers like a support target or moving average can all be analyzed this way.

This is what you do. For numbers add all digits together to make a smaller number, and then add those digits together and so on until you are left with only one digit. The same is true for words except first you have to swap the letters for numbers. Each letter has a number from 1 to 26, or the number of letters in whatever alphabet you are using to write the word, exchange the letter for the corresponding number and then proceed with the process described above. Each number has positive and negative traits attributed to it which are then used to help make life decisions.

If you do this with your name it called your name number. When it comes to trading what you want to do is match your strategy, indicators and assets to your name number so that they are in harmony. For example, if your name number is 8 then you want to find asset, strategy and indicators with name number 8 or another number that is complimentary. There are methods to use numerology to actually pin point entry signals but that is for a different time. Until then you will have to rely on your own wiles, after of course you use numerology to pick the strategy and tools to use.


Why Numerology For Binary Options Might Suck

This might suck because it is totally based on what may be referred to as complete nonsense by a lot of people. I’m not trying to be judgmental, believe me, I find this kind of thing amazing. I’m just saying that for fun, numerology looks like it might be great but for trading I might not want to put too much faith in it.


Why Numerology For Binary Options Might Not Suck

Well, there are a lot of unexplained mysteries in the universe, mysteries that can only be explained by the presence of some kind of unifying “presence” or “force” in the universe. Numerology may tap into that force and actually be able to help you choose just the right tools for you to use, strategies to apply and markets to trade. And if not, what can it hurt?


Some Final Thoughts On Numerology For Binary Options

Numerology is certainly interesting and I can see how so many people have come to appreciate it. It provides a framework, however tenuous, from which decisions can be made and life’s little foibles can be explained away. As a method of choosing a strategy and indicator? Sure, why not, so long as the choice it’s leading you to is a good one, and not some scam auto-trader signal service guru shyster. So, numerology, use it if you want but remember, even if it picks the absolute best strategy system for you to use you still have to make good trades to be profitable.