September Trading with the Geek Tips Results – 33% Return of Investment!

Trading with the Geek Recap of September: Taper And Good Returns For The Month

This month was quite a volatile one for the markets. After consolidating and retreating for several weeks due to taper fears the markets shot up to new highs when no taper occurred. Since then the markets have fallen back to the long term trend in an attempt to retest those same new highs. I took a week off from trading this month because the taper driven market action was just too unpredictable for trading weekly positions. Other than that the month was pretty fruitful. There were a total of 5 Monday’s, so that means four weeks of tips. Most are closed but a few are still open.


There were 26 total trades closed in the month of September (remember this section includes trades opened in August and closed in September). This includes some trades that carried over from August and some extra trades I made during the week that did not get included on a tip sheet. Out of those 26, 16 were winners for a win/loss percentage of 61.5%. I made two large trades on a strong signal I received. These trades were $1,000 each versus the usual trades of $100. This means that my total return in the month of September was $6,120. Total cost of trades closed in the month is $4,600 for a net return on investment of 33%.



Total Cost Of Trading = -$4600

Total Return On Winners = $6120

Net Profit/Loss = $1520 (+33% return of investment)


I made a total of 20 tips for the month. Of those tips 5 are still open with 3 currently in the money. 8 of the closed trades were winners, 7 losers. Counting the open trades my profit/loss percentage for the month is 55%. Either way you cut it I was a net winner for the month.


S&P 500 – Bullish

I made four tips on the S&P 500, one is still open. 2 of the three closed trades are winners, the open trade is currently in the money. The S&P corrected to trend in the month of September and is doing the same thing now. I am still bullish longer term and will be trading accordingly this month.


USD/JPY – Only 1 ITM

I also made four tips on the USD/JPY pair. This trade has been languishing between support and resistance, driven by Abenomics, Tapering, QE and long term sentiments. Of those 4 tips only one closed in the money, one is still open but I am not holding out too much hope on this one.


Gold – Looks Goold!

Gold has been a shiny asset for me even though it has not been much of good investment for buyers to date. I made four tips on gold this month with one still open. Two of the closed trades were profitable and the open trade is currently in the money. This metal is being impacted by QE, tapering and strong economic data. I am not yet bullish on gold and will likely be looking to enter into more puts this month.


Apple – ITM

I keep trying to trade Apple and I may have finally gotten it right. I made three tips on the stock this month and two of them profited. This stock is in play at the time, interest from Icahn and George Soros will compound public opinion and drive this stock higher.


Euro – Sorry Loss

The euro has been confounding me lately. It has been driven up to a long term high and the top of a trading range. I have been trying to capture a move down from the top but to date it has not materialized. I made three tips on the euro and failed miserably. All three closed out of the money.


International – Making Money Abroad

I also made one trade each on the Nikkei and the DAX. These two indices have been carried higher by global economic data in step with the U.S. indices. Both of these trades closed in the money.



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