2012 Recap – My Top 5 Binary Options Articles on BOTS


The PROS Choose their Best Binary Options Articles for 2012

By Michael Hodges


I have chosen my top five favorite articles based on the information that they provide. These articles provide a host of information that is relevant to all traders. The ones I picked include educational articles about one of my favorite analysis tools, my favorite trading platform and the regulation of binary options.




1.Candlesticks Light The Way For Traders Of All Levels

 I like this article because Japanese Candlesticks are the best way to chart asset prices. The technique displays prices in the easiest to read format available and displays signals with clarity. Bogdan did a great job describing candles and what to look for in single candle formations.  It takes more than just a small body and two shadows to make a doji the same way that it takes more than a white candle to signal a white soldier.


Japanese Candlesticks – Trading Naked





2. The Sequel

 At this point I think it goes without saying that I love Japanese Candles. Bogdan has done a superb job of identifying some important candle signals and discussing how to identify them. This article is so good that it even reminded me of things I had forgotten when I read it again for this article.  Strong candles that appear in pairs or trio’s provide clear signals that can be traded on with a high probability of success. I highly recommend this article for any trader who wishes to use candle charting in their analysis.


Japanese Candles-The Sequel  






3. Bogdan Writes Some Of The Best Articles On BOTS.com . . .

Every great trader needs a great platform to operate from. I have chosen Anyoption as my platform and I was pleased to see that the official review of its services lived up to my opinion. The article is well written, informative and entertaining. It is no surprise this one was also written by Bogdan, he is one of BOTS.com’s top writers. His style is down to earth and genuine, his articles are well organized and easy to read. In this review he utilizes the services of two friends to judge the quality of the educational aspect of the platform. His opinion; Anyoption.com is a good site and provides professional level education services.


Anyoption Education – More Than Just Any Broker 





4. It All Begins With The Basics

This article is very simple in nature but is perhaps one of the most important on the BOTS.com website. One of the key steps in learning about binary options trading is learning the lingo. Without an understanding of the words and how they differ from standard vanilla options traders could make big mistakes. The glossary is a great starting point for newbies and an equally great resource and reference for experienced traders.


The Great Binary Options Glossary





5. Binary Options Regulation Helps The Industry Grow

The reliability and regulation of binary options is a topic of much debate. The industry has a well earned reputation for scams, though not all platforms fall into that category. The rise of binary and retail forex trading in the European country of Cyprus led them to recognize binaries as a financial instrument and impose regulation on the industry. Because of its membership status in the EU all regulated financial markets in Cyprus fall under the broader umbrella of EU regulation. This regulation is helping the industry heal from the damage caused by scams and bringing it into the mainstream. The regulation, and compliance with, is being viewed by the industry as a sign of validation and credibility; platforms based in other countries are seeking CySEC certification in order to gain access to the world markets.


Binary Options CySEC Regulation; What The F**K It’s All About



That’s it, hoping for more great articles on 2013!