2012 Recap – My Top 5 Binary Options Articles on BOTS.com


The PROS Choose their Best Binary Options Articles for 2012

By Richard Cox


  In my opinion, the strength of the trading tutorials on ThatSucks.com (former BinaryOptionsThatSuck.com) is that they are unbiased and informative articles that will be helpful as you start your trading career.  None of the writers on this site receive incentives from any of the listed broker companies, and this helps to ensure that each article is an accurate an honest assessment of the trading environment.  Here are 5 of the best examples.




1. Paper Trading – One Step Closer to Trading for a Living

By Bogdan G.


        It can be easy for new traders to see quick riches after learning about the binary options markets.  These traders want to jump right in the deep end and put real money on the line before taking the time to watch how the markets behave and do their homework in learning some decent trading strategies.  If this is your mindset, save your money (because you will use it).  If you are serious about trading, read Bogdan’s article about paper trading and take the advice.  This might not seen as exciting as using real money but real traders are not in this business to seek thrills.  Bogdan’s paper trading article can be found here:



Binary Options Paper Trading Full Article





2. Roll Over and Close Now Tools: What They Are And How To Use Them?

By Michael Hodges


        Binary options trades don’t always work out the way we expect, or when we expect.  In these cases, it is important to remember that there are tools available to extend trades and to have a greater level of control over the time frames of your positions.  Some of these tools can also be used to close your positions early.  In Michael’s article, we can see how some of these tools can be put to use at times when markets are moving at times we didn’t expect.  His article can be found here:



Binary Options Roll Over and Close Now Trading Tools Review





3. Top 5 Binary Options Beginner Tips

By Martin K.


        There are many “Top 5 Tips” articles available on the internet but not many deal with the ways brokers incentivize new client deposits to attract customers.  The tips on this list should be read and understood before opening an account with real money.  This will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises later and will hopefully keep you in the trading game for the long term.  You don’t want to make a mistake and choose a terrible broker before you even begin trading.  This will only mean you start at a disadvantage relative to other traders.  Martin’s Top 5 Tips article can be found here:



Top 5 Binary Options Newbies Tips




4. Multiple Time Frame Power Strategy – Can you handle it?

By Bogdan G.


        It can be argued that time frames are even more important in the binary options markets than they are in more traditional forms of investments (such as stocks or forex).  Bogdan’s article shows traders a way of looking at multiple time frames so that we can have a bigger picture idea of how prices are likely to move in the future.  The strategy relies on an analysis of a short term and medium term chart before making a decision to enter into the next position. Traders with a technical chart perspective should definitely take a look at the strategy, which can be found at length here:



Multiple Time Frame Power Strategy For Binary Options





5. Using Stochastics For Crossover Signals

By Michael Hodges


        Indicator crossover strategies are one of the most popular forms of technical analysis.  Anyone looking to implement technical strategies when options trading should have an understanding of how these types of strategies work.  This is even true if you don’t believe you will use these in the future.  This is because you will need an understanding of these methods in order to avoid confusion when talking to other traders.  The description here deals with a powerful and often-used indicator called Stochastics, and all traders should have an idea of how this indicator works.  In this article, Michael describes one example of this market approach and the full text can be found here:



Using Stochastics For Crossover Signals