Binary Options Technology is Blooming with New Platforms and Games

New Binary Options Technology Is Sweeping The Market

The binary options industry is blooming with new technologies and innovations. In the latest wave of developments gaming and game style trading takes center stage. This shift helps verify that binary options trading is developing in the two different niches of gaming and trading. The industry is valued at over $1.2 billion dollars so it is no wonder so many technologies are trying to compete.



New Trends In Online Trading

As the mobile trading industry is evolving, a gaming company has been working on an app where you can trade with virtual money against other players or the market. The company is Flick a Trade and has recently grown large enough to allow real money trading in addition to the virtual gaming feature. Being UK gambling licensed, they wish to remain as a gaming app and not a brokerage. For now, the majority of the players are using virtual accounts that reaches up to over a billion dollars of virtual fund transfers, giving the impression of a bright future for this new gaming app.


Market Madness, a company that is involved with providing a virtual environment to traders, has taken a step towards live trading. Their mobile trading app simulates live trading, using real market prices, but is only a game. The game makes learning fun by letting you advance into more difficult trading scenarios while unlocking new assets and varying the payouts. Partnering with brokers, Market Madness gamers can now start trading live with real money. Another newcomer who sees the potential market of mixing gaming and trading together is Leverate. By re-designing and modernizing their platform, they have gamified the trading and thus; it’s more appealing to gamers.


While the majority of the brokers are focused on browser launched platforms and the modernization of them, Markets Pulse is focusing on desktop trading. They offer a unique platform, operating directly from the desktop instead of over the internet, which makes it faster than the typical browser platforms. The first broker to offer this solution is DMM Option, offering the 10Trader desktop platform.



Focusing on Traders & Gamers

Companies evolving the binary options industry believe that traders and gamers are similar but in order to appeal to younger clients, the gaming aspect is required. However, many of the game developers wish to stick to supporting and developing the gaming features of their apps and leave the trading part to the existing brokers. For this reason, some game developers partner with the big brokers to avoid the financial regulation prospects and the trouble of spending money and time on executing trades. This broker & gaming relationship has led to new technologies and many more to come in the future.