Binary Options that Suck Updates

Binary Options that Suck New Design!

Let me begin with a big thanks to all my colleagues and readers for helping Binary Options that Suck flow and keep looking for more binary options scams where ever they are. My colleagues and I were working over the last couple of weeks on the new BOTS design; we hope to complete the new layout over the next few days. BOTS now has more room for people to express to their thoughts about binary options brokers, more options for people to share their experiences with those brokers and keep their conclusions about binary options frauds in the BOTS pool of information. We have taken every comments and suggestion made by our readers into consideration, building a whole new environment where people could stay tuned with all updates, news, articles and brokers in the same place and with an easy effort. However, our budget is quite limited and mostly funded by donates and a binary options trading profits (yes! We also trade binary options here at BOTS) therefore we hope you’ll keep friends with us even though the Binary Options Scam forum is not yet on-line.

Keeping traders safe from Binary Options Frauds

Another thing we’ve added over last few weeks is a serious of articles about binary options trading. Like any other new released product, there is a lack of information about the product since it takes time until people start publicizing their minds about the product. When this product is binary options trading, the problem is that traders first have to trade before they make up their minds about the broker and sometimes it could be too late. Fortunately, some of those people are sharing their minds and helping us decide which binary options broker suck and who doesn’t. These articles are based on those people’s thoughts and their conclusions and our experience with trading online, and trading binary options in particular. Over the next few weeks we will upload more articles on how to avoid binary options scams so keep hanging there!