New Trading School is UP! Welcome Traders!

It’s Improved! Brand New Improved Binary Options Trading School

There’s always room for improvement. Take a look at Apple: their iPhone reached the 6th version but that doesn’t necessarily mean the previous versions were flawed, just that a better version could be made. Now I don’t want to get into an Smartphone battle, so don’t tell me that HTC is better or even that iPhone 5 is better than 6; I’m actually not a very big fan of any Smartphone but I am a fan of progress and that’s why we gave our School a facelift. Why did we do that? Simply because we felt the need to give you an improved experience, one which flows better and is easier to access. We’ve updated the articles and added new ones, at the same time removing the ones we felt were not that important anymore. So don’t worry, your reading volume hasn’t gone up, it’s just better organized. Let’s see what you’ll find:



What Can Be Found In Our New School?

Every trader should start with the basics and that’s why our Binary Options School begins with the Preschool section. Here you will find articles that will get you acquainted with the world of Binary Options and with the possible traps that lie in front of you. Yes, traps, because we don’t want to deceive you: trading is not a piece of cake and is not something that you will master overnight. Also, especially when you are newbie, you are the target of a lot of scammers or shady brokerages that try to get your money – but we’ve got your back: we have a section that teaches you how to avoid scams. Make sure you read it.


In Primary School we will teach you about the mindset of a successful trader, about how to prepare for your trading career as well as for the everyday battles. We will advise on how to choose your broker, how much to deposit first time and you will make the first steps into chart analysis and risk management.


The College section is where the fun begins: you will get your first taste of technical and fundamental analysis and you will receive something that makes successful trading possible: a strategy. In fact, we will give you tons of trading systems, with full explanations and the necessary tools. All you need to do is take the time to understand and learn how to use them. To make sure you do that, we’ve also prepared a Tests section, divided into Basic, Moderate and Experienced tests – hey, no school is complete without tests but ours have a funny twist. Give them a try! Finally, for the binary options addict in you, we’ve come up with an exclusive PhD section: you’ll find some extra reading on binary options, you’ll find out how to avoid becoming a sucker and last but not least, you will learn how to impress your date with your binary options knowledge… yea, we have an article about that too.


 PHD is meant for those who want to take their knowledge of binary options trading even further. This section is devoted to the other sides of the industry, the good and the bad as well. You don’t have to know all strategies and tools in the world to start learning PHD section. You simply have to love binary options enough to read more about it!


And finally, Tests have been updated! Go ahead, test your knowledge in binary options trading!



One-On-One Live Training

If you think going through the School is too hard, I have 2 solutions for you: the first would be to stop trading and get a job. If you think learning something is done overnight, you are probably not ready for this business. The second solution is to get 1-on-1 training which is faster than reading the entire School. A well known broker – TopOption – has set up 1-on-1 training especially for BOTS users and you can access this promotion by following the link at the bottom of this page. Remember it is exclusive to BOTS readers so you access this program only through the link I mentioned. Even if you choose this 1-on-1 training, make sure you at least read the Preschool section. Finally, we have one more treat for you: soon, we will launch our very own webinar. Hold on, we’ll make a trader out of you eventually ;)



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