How To Get Good Customer Service from a Binary Options Broker

Good Customer Service? You Must Be Kidding!

I was recently asked the question, “how do I get the best customer service form my binary options broker?” Upon reflection I decided the answer was best broken into two parts. First, there are a few things you can do to ensure you have as few problems as possible. Second are some things you should do once a problem is encountered. Through it all remember that your broker is a person too and deserves your respect, right up until they don’t. Read on to find out my tips for getting the best service possible.



Tips To Take To Avoid Complaints With Your Broker

  1. Read The Terms And Conditions – Reading the terms of use is the number way to avoid problems with your broker. The terms will lay out your requirements and how explain how the system works. I can’t tell you how many times a complaint has turned out to be a problem easily avoided by reading the terms.
  2. Always Talk To A Real Person – I know, the internet makes it easy to do things without talking to people and that is a real attractive feature for a lot of people, me included. However, when talking about money I recommend you always speak to a real person before making a deposit so you can verify everything you read in the terms. I also recommend you record this call.
  3. Provide All Documents Up Front – You will have to provide proof of ID with any broker you choose in order to make a withdrawal. Some require it upfront, some let you wait. I suggest you have all your documents ready before depositing. It is also recommended you have them ready when talking to your rep to make sure you have exactly what you need.
  4. Follow The Rules – This ties the first three tips together. Once you know what the rules are, follow them. Don’t try to take advantage of bonus terms or other fraud. If you want the broker to do right be you, you better do right by them. If you take a bonus be very sure you keep track of your trade volume and don’t try to withdraw before you meet the requirements.


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Tips To Take When You Have A Complaint With Your Broker

  1. Be ready – No matter where I looked when researching for this article every source said the same thing, Be Ready. This is not the time to be angry or incoherent blabbing your whole life story. Know exactly what the problem is, what it is you need done and be prepared to wait. It costs businesses money to resolve complaints so they will want to drag it out, at the same time if your complaint is legit they will also want to make sure you are happy.
  2. Talk To A Real Person – Sound familiar? It should, talking to a real person is key to avoiding issues which lead to complaints, it is also crucial in resolving them. When you get someone be sure to remain polite, explain your problem as concisely as possible and have your evidence ready.
  3. Give them an excuse to help you. Help them do their job, give them a reason why they need to help you. Let them know you are a long time trader, that you generate X amount of dollars of trades every month or that you are influential in the community. This raises you above the average complainer and may help get you to the front of the queue.
  4. Getting your problem resolved may take some time. In the best cases it may take a few hours on the phone, in the worst it could be an ongoing saga that takes days, weeks or months. In either case you must be patient and maintain your cool, if not you could find yourself stuck in customer service limbo indefinitely.
  5. Go public. If you need to, escalate as appropriate. If you think you are getting the run around take it to the public, let everyone know. The squeaky wheel always gets the grease, right? (former has 3 avenues for you to take (How make a complaint complete guide). First, you could comment on the review of the broker in question although that may not be the best. How often do you take the time to read comments? The next possibility is leaving a complaint in the broker’s discussion in the forum but be sure to leave a good one, with examples and/or evidence, because simply trashing a broker won’t get the results you are looking for. The best way is to make an official customer review that we can publish. You can do this by clicking the “Read & Submit Reviews” button available on each brokers page. We read all complaints within one month and publish the ones we find to be credible. When yours is published send a link to the broker so they see you mean business, they often act quickly at this point to avoid getting a bad rap. The best complaints, if unresolved, go on to become the focus of Bogdan’s Binary Options Scam Watch.
  6. Vote with your money. It is possible that even by taking all these steps you will still not get satisfaction. In that case the only thing to do is to vote with your money. Take your business, your account and your trading to another broker and be sure to let all of us know about when you do. Shady brokers can’t stay in business if we don’t trade with them.


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