Introducing Beginners’ New Favorite Pick: Opteck Binary Options Updates: New Approved Broker – Opteck

After three years of researching and reviewing the Binary Options industry, I think it’s pretty safe to say that you all know my passion for unique trading platforms. I’ve always cherished and encouraged Binary Options Brokers based on unique trading platforms, the few that are willing to invest in developing a platform, like my current favorite StockPair. I believe that the Binary Options industry is still growing and haven’t reached maturity yet. For that reason I encourage new companies to invest time and money in developing trading platform that suits the needs and skills of a medium-large group of traders rather than trying to cover all traders and styles. Moreover, in this yet unregulated business, the record shows that most fraudulent companies are actually white labels. When we first reviewed Opteck, I told my friend and writer Bogdan that I think this one is not like the rest of the herd. Bogdan reluctantly replied that in his opinion, just because it’s a unique trading platform based broker it doesn’t mean it’s not a scam. Eventually, his positive review lead to this story.




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Friendly, Educating, Supporting: Opteck Newbies Style

Opteck, Launched back in 2011, is probably the leading MarketsPulse technology based Binary Options Broker. This unique trading platform is a bit behind the leading SpotOption technology in terms of extra trading tools for experienced traders, but as I said at the beginning- it’s not meant to be a good platform for all traders, it’s a great platform for certain traders. Opteck is designed towards the newbies:  Small amount of trading assets and an easy flowing user interference. Another great addition is the comprehensive user’s trading history which could help beginners understand their strengths and weaknesses.


Opteck also provides great educational material with lots of videos, free education and an E-Book; Top 3 I’ve seen so far. Costumer service is great, good returns and almost zero complaints makes Opteck worth it for newbies and for those of you who care about withdrawing their profits eventually (:



Trading Signals on Forum!

On another matter, lately I’ve received many e-mails and comments from traders who search for a good and trustable signals service provider. Our first step was to build another page (like we did in the “all-brokers” system) for Binary Options Signals Services. We’ve started working on the reviews so you can expect some results very soon. However, I don’t think signals service is actually necessary; Our PROS publish weekly tips every Monday on Main Page and daily tips on our Forum. These Tips are 100% the same as a Signal – They tell you when to trigger the trade, what’s the expiry, and why should they do it. So why paying for a signal service?  





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