News: Gambling and Forex Companies Launch Their Own Binary Options Platforms

New Trend, Forex Brokers and Gambling Companies Want to Bet on Binary Options!

There is a new trend blowing in the binary options industry and it looks like it’s going to stay. What’s trending is that Forex brokers, gaming companies and casinos have started to launch their own binary options brokers. Some are launching their own uniquely designed platforms, some buy old firms i order to improve them and others have signed up with existing platform providers to bring forward their own brand through white label programs.



Forex Brokers Getting Involved

Forex brokers are the most obvious sector entering the world of binary options. Three FX brokers have recently joined the game of binaries and what they all have in common, except the fact that they are all FX brokers, is that all of them are regulated! KROUFR regulated Alpari is one of them. They have launched their own unique platform offering standard binary options types we are familiar with. CySEC regulated Fidelisco is another broker making an entrance. They have bought 365Trading and are making moves to improve and enhance the site, built on a proprietary platform. Lastly, and perhaps the most exciting of the three is Direct FX, regulated in Australia by ASIC. What’s most exciting is the fact that Direct FX is going to launch binaries that are tradable directly via MetaTrader 4, a move that will make them one of the most important names in the industry.



Gambling Giants Want a Piece

On the other side of the table are the gambling and betting industries. They have also noticed the exponential growth in interest in trading binary options on the global market. Tradologic is the leading platform provider for binary options to the gaming industries. According to Finance Magnates, they estimate to generate 45 new white label brands just this year! Europe-Bet and 188Bet are two of the sites that have already added binary options, both regulated. Europe-Bet in Georgia and 188Bet by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.



FX Brokers VS Casinos!

Binaries are immensely popular and their following is only on the rise. Now that FX brokers and the gambling industries are entering the market we will no doubt witness new and exciting features and platforms debuting. The only down side is added confusion in the realm of regulation. Regulation is a complex and confusing topic and will only get more so as more and more FX and Casinos join the fray. Why is this? The FX brokers are regulated by financial regulators whilst the gambling companies are usually regulated by gaming and gambling regulators. Nevertheless, the competition has begun and regulation of any variety is a bonus to the industry. Binary options brokers, FX brokers and Casinos; they all offer similar trading but who will come out on top?