One Comment Worth’s a 1000 Dollars: How to Prevent Binary Options Scams on Forums


Know Your Comment: The Importance of Posting on Forums

Admit it or not, we are strongly dependant on the Internet. Some of us have a full time job on the Internet, some of us just use it for entertaining…and of course, there’s online trading, an activity which would not be possible if it wasn’t for the Internet. Lately the trading part has become more and more a social activity, closely related to Forums, chat rooms, sharing your experiences and taking bits and pieces from the knowledge of others. But whenever people connect and spend time in the same place, different opinions start to emerge, the personality of each person will eventually surface, friendships will be born, but also animosity and head to head e-battles, forum wars…well, you get the picture.


A comment on a Post/Forum/Blog could actually save you money: imagine some guy was scammed and he shares his experience with you on a Forum; learning from his mistake, you will not take the same course of action as he did and you will not open an account with a broker who is considered shady and has a lot of negative comments. But in order for you to read and actually give some importance to his opinion, the post has to be well written, informative, straightforward and most of all, honest. I mean, you can smell an advertising post a mile away and you can figure out if the guy is honest and he speaks from his own experience or he just wants to draw you towards a certain broker or product.




Which Person Are You?

We have to differentiate between the different types of personalities and only listen to the ones who are the real deal, not guys who are just in need of attention. This makes me think to a certain type of Forum poster:


The yapper. This guy wants to participate in any discussion, has an opinion on everything, but more often than not he is incoherent and his comments have nothing in common with the subject in discussion. Anyway, the yapper’s opinion will be heard everywhere, he will post in different threads, but he will be of no real help to anyone. He just likes to hear himself talk…or rather likes to read his own writing.


Opposite to the yapper is the lurker. This guy mostly just reads the posts, but never gives his opinion on the matter discussed. Instead, he waits for other guys to ask questions or come up with answers. His contribution to the community is close to zero.   


The trasher. This guy will do his best to destroy any concept presented in a forum, he will disagree with almost everything and overall, he just loves to contradict you, no matter what you say. Don’t get me wrong, a firm opinion and disagreeing with someone doesn’t make you a trasher, it makes you opinionated. Trashing won’t do any good to anyone and it doesn’t bring any benefit to the community.


The wannabe. Well, this guy is Mr. Know-it-All, he is quick to talk about his vast experience and knowledge and he makes it look like he is doing us all a favor by taking the time to post 20 words. However, if you observe him closer, you will realize how limited his knowledge really is and the fact that he doesn’t have a good understanding of basic stuff. This type of guy is one of the most dangerous, especially for newbies because they are easily fooled into believing he really knows what he’s talking about and will follow his advice.




The Crowd’s Wisdom: Share & Learn Binary Options Trading

A good and helpful comment is very important but needs to be presented the right way to the community. Just being condescending and wanting to show everybody how smart you are will eventually determine people to stop paying attention to your opinions. Overly complicated comments will have almost the same fate because if your idea is not transmitted in an easy to understand manner, nobody will read it after a while. It is very important to offer our opinion and give feedbacks on a Forum because that’s why we feel the need to join one in the first place: to hear different opinions and make ours heard, but we need do it in a clear and organized way so that everybody gets it. Happy posting! ;)



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